A Trace of Teal

teal.jpgThis is something that you’ll rarely see; us two in colour. But we’ve tried so many different things fashion wise this year already, maybe it’s the start of a new thing? We’re gradually adding a splash of colour to our almost all black wardrobes, hey, you should be proud of us guys! We’re loving the colour teal at the moment. There’s something quite majestic about it, when we think of the colour, the word ‘mermaids’ are instantly brought to our minds! Who doesn’t want to feel like a mermaid?

Rachel: IMG_1281IMG_1204

Jacket- Forever 21
Top- Young Guns merch
Skirt- Urban Outfitters
Boots- Dr Martens

IMG_1296IMG_1297Skirts have been some of my favourite items of clothing to buy recently, so when I found this teal A-Line skirt in the Urban Outfitters sale, I didn’t hesitate to order it. I like to make excuses a lot of the time, this occasion being “hey, it will go perfectly with my new docs, so I need it”.

I love how it has the buttons at the front and they’re popper buttons which is great for somebody lazy like me! Do I even need to mention just how beautiful the colour is? It goes well with a black tee, in this case, I styled it with a band t-shirt. I got this one the last time I saw Young Guns and I love how it gives a smart skirt like this a more causal look. It also has a splash of teal on it!IMG_1290IMG_1301I completed this look with my new Doc Martens (see, I told you they’d go perfectly!). I got them for Christmas and they’re a dark metallic green colour. I’m all about the little details too so I used a flick of my new Lush teal eyeliner to match. It adds a bit of colour to my eyes and I think it makes them stand out more.IMG_1320


Beanie- Cheer Up Clothing
Jacket- Boohoo
Top- Topshop
Pinafore- Boohoo
Boots- Dr Martens

IMG_1268IMG_1267As I said in a previous post I’m really loving Boohoo at the moment. After Christmas I came across this beautiful pinafore but I wasn’t too sure if the style/colour would suit me! Shockingly enough, after trying the pinafore on I fell completely in love with the colour. As I said in a previous post I’m also liking different textures at the moment, so the fact that this dress is a cord type material is even better!

I purchased this dress in a size 8 (the smallest size it’s stocked it) but if I’m completely honest I would have preferred it in a size 6. As there is a lot of room it does feel quite baggy, but hey the oversized look is cool and edgy right?! A huge positive is that I’ll be able to fit some really thick jumpers underneath through the colder months!IMG_1273IMG_1307For the purpose of this post I decided to wear my black tee with lace sleeves from Topshop underneath. Of course as it’s chilly my beloved beanie and boohoo bomber jacket also made an appearance! One thing I’m a little unsure of is what colours go with teal, apart from black (not that I’m going to complain, my wardrobe is full of that!). I’d love to be able to find some other colours that go with it just to change the look up even more!IMG_1250

Have you tried any new colours/styles of clothing so far this year? Hopefully we’ll be able to try some more different things in 2016!


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