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In terms of shower and hair care products, we’re not the type to try different brands. The majority of items we buy are usually from, yeah you guessed it, LUSH! That being said, it’s January, the month where you’re supposed to try new stuff. So when we heard that Superdrug’s own brand is cruelty free and has a huge selection of products we thought we’d take a look. A lot of the items we picked up were on offer too which is brilliant when you’re looking to save a few pennies!


Body Scrubs – £4.99 (200ml)


Sometimes when you’re in the shower, there’s nothing better than a nice body scrub so we were so happy to find these! The first scrub I picked up was the Cocoa Butter and Vanilla scrub which smells like vanilla ice cream with a hint of chocolate sauce. I have used this scrub in the shower and a little goes a long way. Therefore, the pot should last a while meaning you’re getting your moneys worth! The scrub is great for exfoliating but isn’t too harsh on the skin which is exactly what you want from a body scrub.


As the scrubs were on a buy one get one free offer I also picked up a Cherry and Macadamia one. The Cherry and Macadamia scrub has a really sweet scent, which to us resembles cherry yoghurts with a hint of sherbet. It is the same consistency as the Cocoa Butter and Vanilla scrub however, we have to say scent wise we prefer the cocoa butter one as it’s less sickly.

Coconut Oil – £2.49 for 125ml 


Everyone always goes on about coconut oil and up until now we’d never tried it. As there was an offer on in Superdrug of 1/3 off I managed to get this for just £1.49. For those of you who aren’t too sure about coconut oil, it has many different uses. I’ve mainly been applying the oil to my eyelashes every night in the hope that it’ll help them grow. However, you can also use it as a hair mask so I’ll be trying this out in the next few weeks for sure!

Body Lotions – £2.99 (200ml)


Body lotions are something I never usually purchase. I have a tonne of body butters so I thought I’d try something different. Again the body lotions were on a buy one get one free offer so I decided to pick up the Coconut and Sweet Lime and Coccoa Butter and Vanilla lotions. The Coconut and Sweet Lime body lotion has a subtle yet refreshing scent. At first you can mainly smell the coconut but after the lotion has been rubbed in the lime comes through more.


The Cocoa Butter and Vanilla smells exactly like the shower scrub, just more subtle. The best thing about these lotions is that they leave your skin feeling soft but not sticky or greasy. For £2.99 they’re a bargain as we can imagine that they’ll be lasting a long time.


Hair Therapy Oil with Macadamia- £3.99 (50ml)


I used to be constantly buying products to help the condition of my hair but I eventually gave up and haven’t tried anything for so long. I saw this oil and thought I’d give it a go, my hair really does need a bit of help! I love the fact that you use it on damp hair, yet it doesn’t leave your hair feeling greasy at all. I have noticed it leaves the ends of my hair feeling a bit softer which is great as they are so dry. However, I wouldn’t say it is ‘repairing’ my hair. It also says on the bottle that ‘only a small amount of oil is needed’ but I feel that I need quite a bit to cover the lengths and ends of my hair. I’m not sure how long the bottle will last but I’ll probably buy it again!

Coconut Water and Coconut Oil Masque- £3.99 (200ml)


I managed to pick this up and get both items on a 2 for £6 deal. I love anything I can leave on my hair for ages while I’m in the shower and seeing as coconut oil is meant to be great for your hair, I thought it might help! It has a strong smell which, unexpectedly, is almost like those fruit salad sweets by Barratt. Precise, I know. I’ve used it a few times now and it’s made my hair a little bit softer. I just wish it was a bit thicker as a lot slips out of the pot and goes to waste!

Have you used any of Superdrug’s own range before? If you have any favourite items that you’d recommend let us know!


7 thoughts on “Superdrug Haul

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  3. I keep looking at those scrubs and not getting them but I think I might next time.

    I am a Superdrug own brand junkie – everything from makeup to hair to skincare. I love Love Love their b. Make up range – I have a post coming up next week featuring some of their stuff!

    I absolutely LOVE the Superdrug Vitamin E Skincare range – especially the hot cloth cleanser, leave on moisture mask and thebhydrating mist.

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