Personal Stylist Experience | Intu Lakeside


Before Christmas we were asked if we would like to attend a personal stylist session at Intu Lakeside in the new year. We’d previously heard about this service at a blogger event and as we were intrigued to see what the experience was like, we decided to go! We wanted to blog about our experience so that anybody who lives locally knows how great this free service is!


Upon arrival to our personal stylist session we met Carlene, one of Lakeside’s personal stylists. We were taken into the personal stylist lounge which had a lovely sophisticated yet cosy interior. Carlene then chatted to us and told us a little bit about herself. It was clear that she is extremely passionate about her job and loves what she’s doing, which made the whole experience even better. Carlene was so lovely and made us feel really comfortable!


We then spoke about our own personal style but also some other styles we’d like to try out. She also showed us our body shapes and told us what clothes would suit them best. Carlene used this information to help us pick out some outfits that we wouldn’t normally go for but still suited our ‘style’! We went off to Zara with her and she chose lots of clothes for us to try each.


The good thing about the whole experience was that she wanted us to get out of our comfort zones a little bit and try something a bit different to what we usually wear. It made us realise that we should always try on clothes even if we think they won’t suit us!

Unfortunately we only had time to go to one shop, but we both ended up coming back from our trip with two new items of clothing! If you read our fashion posts, you’ll know they are not like the clothes you’d usually see us wear at all!



I was honestly shocked when I tried these two items on as I didn’t expect them to suit me! I’m not a fan of fitted dresses but I think Carlene has changed my opinion. This denim dress is quite flattering for my ‘triangle’ body shape and I’m really glad she found it for me! I saw the mustard pinafore when I was browsing the shop. I loved it but was really unsure on the colour but trying it on made me fall in love! I know I wear pinafores a lot but wearing one in a bright colour like this is a big step for me!



So before I start, can I just say the first photo of this playsuit does it no justice at all. It’s a lot more flattering in person! Anyway, moving on I cannot believe that I went home with these two items. As we all know I’m a lover of florals but I never pictured myself leaving Zara with this beauty. I’m not entirely sure where I’ll be wearing it but I love the pattern, the neck line and it has pockets!!! The skirt reminds me of something I’d wear when I was younger but I love it. The frayed hem is really doing it for me. I can’t believe how well these items suit my pear/hour glass shape, Carlene knows her stuff!


Overall the experience was really fun and whether you need help finding your own style, want to try a new style or even just need a new outfit for an event, we’d definitely recommend booking a free appointment with Carlene! She was really lovely to talk and made us feel more confident in ourselves. She also doesn’t pressure you to buy anything, meaning it is just like having a friend to shop with who gives you their honest opinion!


If you would like some information on the personal stylist experience and packages that are offered you can find that here.We’ll definitely be booking another appointment with Carlene as soon as we can!


8 thoughts on “Personal Stylist Experience | Intu Lakeside

  1. I got invited to this twice! But I was too scared to go on my own and being a plus sized blogger, I didn’t know whether they would have anything there for me! I love what you are both wearing, Carlene seems so good at picking bits out that suit you!

    Laura| Laura Likes Beauty xx


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