Pocket Mirrors from Peaches & Co


We recently discovered an independent online shop called Peaches & Co. Up until the shop launch we spoke to the creator, Danielle and since she’s so lovely to talk to as well as a talented illustrator, we really wanted to purchase some of her amazing items. We were so excited for the shop to open and after browsing through the adorable items she has to offer, we came across two pocket mirrors that caught our eye!

The packaging that they came is was so lovely, complete with little stickers and the cutest little thank you card, it’s safe to say a lot of thought goes into each order! Also considering there was no delivery charge, our order turned up within two days of ordering. Quick delivery, cute stickers and good quality products, what else can you ask for?!


Rachel – ‘You’re a Gem’ Pocket mirror
I love the design of this pocket mirror. I always used to eat Iced Gems when I was younger and the little illustrations are adorable! The puns on her designs are so cute and creative too but also in a way boost your confidence a bit!


Lauren – ‘Bee Yourself’ Pocket Mirror
I loved this design as soon as I saw it! Now I’m not normally a fan of Bees, that being said this design really stood out to me. The pun yet again is just spot on and I love how much it stands out.


At the time of our purchase, we were lucky enough to use a code for 2 pocket mirrors for £6 that we saw on her Twitter. The usual price is £4 each which we think is really great value anyway, considering the quality of the products and how lovely the designs are! They are also a lot bigger than we thought which means they are good for applying makeup on the go.

We can’t wait to see what else Danielle brings to the store! If you like what we bought, go give her a follow on Twitter where she posts loads of previews of her upcoming designs. We’ll definitely be making another purchase soon!


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