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We were tagged by the lovely Lulu to take part in her very own Lush tag! As huge Lushies with a blog basically dedicated to the shop, we had to join in! Lulu’s aim is to connect bloggers who share the same love of Lush, which we think is a great idea! So here goes..

What was your first…

1) Lush Bath Bomb?

Rachel: Butterball

Lauren: Dragon’s Egg

2) Lush Bubble Bar?

Rachel: I’m pretty sure it was The Comforter!

Lauren: Pop in the bath!

3) Lush Massage Bar?

Rachel: Shimmy Shimmy! Any Lush profuct with glitter has to be mine!

Lauren: Soft Coeur, I love the chocolatey scent so it had to be my first one!

4) Lush Kitchen Item?

Rachel: The first products I ordered from the Kitchen were Sugar Babe Body Scrub and Schnuggle Body Butter.

Lauren: I also got a Shnuggle and Sugar Babe as well as a Sunkissed Lip Tint in my first order!

5) Lush Shower Gel/Cream?

Rachel: The Comforter Shower Cream. I’m in love with the scent!

Lauren: The Olive Branch, I love the scent it’s odd but I love it!

6) Lush Shower Jelly?

Rachel: Whoosh! I remember being so excited to use it. It was one of my first Lush products!

Lauren: Sweetie Pie! I remember our aunt bought it for our mum before and I loved the scent and colour so much I needed one for myself.

7) Lush Fresh Facemask?

Rachel: Cup O’ Coffee was my first ever face mask and Cosmetic Warrior was the first fresh one I tried!

Lauren: My first face mask was also Cup O’ Coffee and my first fresh one was Cupcake!

8) Lush Bar of Soap:

Rachel: I’m not a huge fan of Lush soaps but Apandapand was the first one I tried.

Lauren: Layer cake

What is your favourite…

1) Lush Store?

It has to be Lush Lakeside, it’s our local store! Lush Oxford street was really cool to go to though!

2) Lush Bath Bomb?

Rachel: This is the hardest question ever! Some that I love are Intergalactic, Shoot for the Stars and Frozen.

Lauren: Frozen and Dragon’s egg are amazing. I love the way Frozen makes the water look!

3) Lush Bubble Bar?

Rachel: Bubble bars are one of my favourite things to buy so this is hard. I adore the Comforter Sunnyside and Creamy Candy.

Lauren: Brightside because it smells like Fanta. I always drunk that when I was younger!

4) Lush Massage Bar?

Rachel: I’ve only tried Pearl and Shimmy Shimmy but I love both!

Lauren: I bought Strawberry Feels Forever but I’m yet to use it. It is my favourite scent of any massage bar though so I’m sure I’ll love it!

5) Lush Kitchen Item?

We both love Shnuggle Body Butter!

6) Lush Shower Gel?

Rachel: Either The Comforter or Snow Fairy!

Lauren: It has to be Snow Fairy!!

7) Lush Shower Jelly?

Rachel: Sweetie Pie or Whoosh

Lauren: Sweetie Pie although Santa’s Belly comes a close second!

8) Lush Facemask?

We both love Mask of Magnaminty! The smell is to die for!

9) What Lush products would you like to see come back/haven’t tried yet?

Rachel: I want Space Girl bath bomb back!!

Lauren: Phoenix Rising, I love the look and smell so I regret not trying one!

We also both want Nothern Lights back as we missed out on it the last time it was in the Kitchen!

We’re Tagging..





We can’t wait to see all of your answers! Thanks again Lulu for tagging us, it was really fun answering your Lush related questions!


11 thoughts on “The Lush Cosmetics Tag

  1. I really love this since I whenever I go into Lush I become overwhelmed with everything. So this is a really nice place for me to start. I’m quite intrigued by Mask of Magnaminty, I’m going to need to smell that the next time I’m in there!

    Sophie – eselle x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you for taking part! I think Olive Branch smells very similar to the Pop in the Bath bubble bar 😛 I see Lauren likes both! I don’t understand people that dislike the scent it’s beautiful! All the best to Rachel & Lauren! Hope you have a happy, Lush packed new year 💕🎉✨


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