What We’re Loving- December 2015


November saw us bring a new style of post to our blog, so we’re back with our last post of the year to show you what we’ve been loving in December! December was a month full of festive celebrations which involved lots of present buying! However, we did manage to treat ourselves to a few things too!

Most Used Make-Up ProductMakeup-1

Lauren- I’ve recently fallen in love with matte lip products, I can’t get enough of them! After seeing a Youtuber wear this Sleek matte lip cream in the shade ‘Birthday Suit’, I knew I needed to purchase it! I love the fact that it is a nude-ish shade with a bit of a pinky tone to it, as I own nothing in a similar shade. At £4.99 you can’t really go wrong and Sleek are cruelty free which makes this even better! The only downside that I found to this was that it was quite drying, so my lips needed to be well moisturised before applying the lip cream.

Rachel- My most used makeup product this month is this matte ‘Cream Puff’ lip cream from Collection in the shade ‘Angel Delight’. For ages I’ve been wanting to try a nude tone but haven’t wanted to spend lots in case I don’t like it! This product is perfect since it’s only £3.99 and I now know how in love I am with a light lip colour. It has a really sweet smell to me, almost like marshmallows which makes it even better!


Favourite Lush ProductLush-Santas-Lip-Scrub

One Lush product that we’ve been using a lot this month is Santa’s Lip Scrub. We’ve spoken about how much we love this product before and we know this is no longer available but you definitely need to look out for it next Christmas! For now we’d definitely suggest one of their normal lip scrubs. They come in flavours such as popcorn and bubblegum and really help to save dry lips! They’re also great to use before applying matte lip products as they remove any dead skin.

Favoruite Clothing Itemclothing

Lauren- For a while now I’ve been wanting a checked shirt dress to layer up in the colder months! I was amazed when I found this for just £14 in Forever 21, it’s such great quality and fits really well. I love layering a cropped jumper over the top of it too.

Rachel- One of my favourite items of clothing this month is this dress from H&M. I love the rose print on it as it’s so different to the dresses I usually buy! It’s also so comfy with the stretchy elastic waist and it’s quite flowy, meaning I feel really comfortable wearing it.

Favourite SongSong

Now we’re well aware that ‘Robbers’ by The 1975 isn’t a new song but since we saw them in Novemeber, we haven’t been able to get it out of our heads! It’s one of those chilled out catchy songs, if you aren’t aware of what it sounds like we suggest you Youtube it now!

Best PurchaseTsum-Tsums

December saw the launch of some new Winnie The Pooh Tsum Tsums so of course we had to make a little purchase. We adored Winnie the Pooh when we were younger so we were so excited about these! We decided to get Roo and Lumpy as they were two of our childhood favourites and just look at how cute they are!

Favourite Moment20151225_12532220151225_152154

Since it’s December, obviously our favourite moments have to be Christmas and Boxing Day! From the Christmas dinner to seeing family and playing games, we had a lovely Christmas and received some lovely gifts too. Now to look forward to what the new year brings us!

Favourite Blog

blog.jpgA blog we’ve been following for a long time now is Lucie’s. Her photography is lovely and so professional and she also shares our love of Lush! Of course her posts about Lush products are our favourites and there’s always something on her blog that we love! If you’re also a Lushie you really should visit her blog!

Favourite InstagramInstagramThis month our favourite Instagram is Izzy’s. Her page has a theme and it’s amazing how well she keeps it up. Everything is always organised neatly and a lot of the time she uses a similar angle. Her Instagram page is stunning and you should go follow her!

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading our last post of the year and we want to say a quick thank you to everybody who has supported our blog since we started it in February! We hope you have a good New Years and 2016 brings you all the happiness!




10 thoughts on “What We’re Loving- December 2015

  1. Aww this has actually made my day reading this, thank you so much girls!
    I have to admit after seeing you two talk about tsum tsums I’ve actually started my own collection over Christmas, I have 4 already! The Roo tsum tsum is super cute, I will have to look out for him 🙂 xx


  2. The lipsticks look lovely, such pretty colours! I used to absolutely adore the 1975, haven’t listened to them in ages, but you have just reminded me to give them another listen so thanks haha! I also love how you included your fave blog and Instagram page, love checking out people’s pages and social media! 🙂 xxx
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky


  3. Santa’s lip scrub is one of my favourites too! I’m so glad I got the chance to try it before the Christmas range at Lush finished. I’ll definitely be buying it again next year. This year…Christmas. I still can’t wrap my head around the fact that we are in 2016 (as evidenced by the fact I initially wrote 2015, then changed it haha!) Great post girls, as always 🙂 x http://www.aimeeraindropwrites.co.uk

    Liked by 1 person

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