Blogger’s Secret Santa!


Since we started blogging in February we’ve made so many new friends in the blogging community! There are a group of girls we have got particularly close to, we even have a Hangouts chat and try to talk as much as possible. A few months ago we decided it’d be pretty cool to have a ‘Blogger’s Secret Santa’ where we could give back to them for supporting our blog. We wanted to use today’s post to show anyone reading, as well as the other girls what we were lucky enough to receive!


The lovely Laura was my Secret Santa! It was clear that Laura had put a lot of thought into each gift that she gave me. Both nail polishes she bought are from cruelty free companies in shades I adore. I also love the MUA lip duo I got, it’s like Laura can read my mind as I was thinking of purchasing one. My favourite gift has to be Granny Takes A Dip though! Laura shares a similar love for Lush and as this is one of my favourite products I’m so happy I have another!!!


Rachel: Rachel-1Rachel-2

My Secret Santa presents were from Kirsty and I opened them to find a cute bobble hat, a Barry M eye palette, some cute dinosaur key rings and a Lush bath bomb! I particularly love the ‘best friends’ dinosaur key rings and since they are both mine and Lauren’s favourite dinosaurs, I’ll be giving her the Triceratops one! I also love that she threw in a cute Butterbear bath bomb as she knows how much I adore Lush. She put a lot of thought into these gifts and I love every one of them so thank you Kirsty!


It was so fun to take part in this Secret Santa and we can’t wait to do it again next Christmas! We hope Sarah and Laura loved their gifts we sent them too!

We hope you all enjoyed your Christmas and are enjoying the rest of 2015!


6 thoughts on “Blogger’s Secret Santa!

  1. Glad you liked everything! You said in the hangout chat how much you liked Granny Takes A Dip :p Thank you Rachel for my bits, the candle is at half way already, it is so nice! xxx

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