Goals and Ambitions


Earlier this month we took part in the  Girl Gang chat on Twitter which was all about the topic ‘ambitions’. Firstly, if you aren’t too sure what ‘Girl Gang’ is you can find out here. The chat really got us thinking all about our own ambitions and goals so we thought we’d put those thoughts into a post!

Is it good to have ambitions?

Yes! For a lot of people their ambitions give them a purpose and something to focus on. No matter how big or small they are, everyone wants to achieve their ambitions/goals, if you haven’t got any goals you have nothing to work towards. What we mean here is for some people yeah they may have the ambition of being a huge Hollywood star, but for others starting a family may be something they really want to achieve. Ambitions are ambitions, no matter how big or small they may seem in comparison to others!  As with anything, there is a downside to ambitions which we shall discuss now.

Can your ambitions consume you?

In some cases, yes! Stressing yourself out and making yourself ill just so you can achieve your goal really isn’t ideal. This has happened to us a lot recently as the stress of uni and college has consumed us!


How can I prevent this from happening?

Do not let your goals/ambitions consume you, they do not define you as a person. It’s hard to not get caught up in them however, taking a step back and looking at the positives is the best thing to do. Cut yourself some slack, we all deserve a break and taking time off will never mean you’re a failure!

What happens if I haven’t got any ambitions?

Not having any goals or ambitions isn’t something to be worried about. Yes, having goals gives you something to work towards but for some people, they’d rather take life as it comes. It can be difficult for some individual’s to know what they want from life, in regards to a career or living circumstances. Above everything, you need to make sure that you’re happy, as in life happiness is one of the main things that matters! Who knows in years to come you may have some ambitions but it’s not worth worrying about, we believe everything happens for a reason (as cliche as it sounds!!!).

We guess what we’re trying to say is, with the new year coming up, a lot of people are likely to be making resolutions and we just think it’s important to not let them take over your life!


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