Christmas Colouring | Escape to Christmas Past


The adult colouring craze is still going strong and you can get all sorts of different designs now. One that we recently found is this Christmas themed colouring book illustrated by Good Wives and Warriors. Colouring in the pages of this book has made us get into the Christmas spirit a little more so we thought we’d show you what’s inside!

The colouring book follows the story of Charles Dickens’ ‘A Christmas Carol’.  There are a range of detailed drawings  in the book and every few pages has another line of the story. This makes the colouring book so unique compared to all of the others we have used!


 There are so many beautiful designs such as this reindeer that Rachel coloured. All of the pages are so traditional with things such as holly and mistletoe, Christmas stockings and Poinsettia illustrated on every page.


This was Lauren’s favourite page to colour, it just sums up Christmas on one page! The book costs £6.99, although we managed to get ours cheaper in Asda, so have a look for it in there!


Colouring is meant to be relaxing but sometimes it can be quite stressful when you’re working with tricky illustrations. What we love about this colouring book in particular is the fact the designs aren’t too intricate to colour. It means you’re able to put on a Christmas film and colour in carelessly without worrying too much about colouring out of the lines!

If you’re looking for something to help you relax, relieve stress or just cure boredom at this time of the year you should get yourself one of these! Colouring the pages of this book truly does help you ‘escape’! Plus, who doesn’t love something a little festive? You could even buy one for somebody else as a stocking filler!


16 thoughts on “Christmas Colouring | Escape to Christmas Past

  1. I’m in love with coloring books! It really does help quiet my mind or get it as quiet as possible depending on how agitated it is 🙂 now I get really excited for new coloring materials 😀

    Arianne | Ayre


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