Lazy Baking! | Olaf Cookies

A few months ago we brought our first ‘Lazy Baking’ post to the blog all about Pinata Cupcakes. A lot of people don’t always have time to make sweet treats from scratch, so packet mixes are a quick alternative. We recently spotted this Olaf cookie kit and since we love Frozen we had to make them!

The cookie mix can be found at Tesco for £2.29 and contains the cookie mix, an Olaf shaped cookie cutter, icing sugar and wafer decorations. The kit is meant to make 6 cookies.

Making the cookies:

On the back of the packet are some simple instructions on how to make the cookies. All we had to do was add some butter and water to the cookie mix and mix everything up. As you can tell from the picture below, it didn’t end up making a lot of dough which we were quite concerned about. However, it did end up rolling out quite well and we actually managed to make 8 cookies (although they were quite thin)!

We left them to bake for 10 minutes and once they cooled we made the icing. We added water to the packet of icing sugar provided and spread them onto the biscuits (it was quite a messy process and one went so awfully wrong, hence why it hasn’t made an appearance in the picture below!). Then we used the little wafer decorations to give the cookies their faces, arms and little buttons and this is how they turned out:


The good thing is that these cookies taste just like the vanilla bat cookies we made for Halloween! The taste is sweet but not too strong and they look adorable too so that’s a bonus!


Something we were a little disappointed with was how small the cookies are. The pack is only meant to make six cookies so considering the size, we’re not sure if it’s worth it. Another problem is the cookie cutter. It’s quite a strong plastic and it would be great to use it again, however, we won’t be able to buy any of the wafer arms and faces again so it seems like a waste! We do think that the price may be a little too much for what you get. Considering it only makes 6 small cookies, it would probably be cheaper to make your own.

Although we were a bit disappointed overall with this cookie kit, it’s perfect for those who don’t have the time or ingredients to make them from scratch. They’re so yummy and who doesn’t love Olaf? If you’re a Disney fan you should definitely try these out!


5 thoughts on “Lazy Baking! | Olaf Cookies

  1. Aw, that’s so cute 🙂 I love Olaf *she wrote while she was sitting in her Olaf pj’s*
    Next time you’ll have the cutter and can decorate the cookies yourself and can make as much as you want 😉 Trying to spot something like that in Switzerland, but I probably won’t be lucky. 😦
    It’s a cute idea and yeah, baking mixes are great if you’re running out of time to prepare stuff. And I’ve never had a baking mix that didn’t taste well! But in the end, I mostly prefer creating the stuff on my own so I know what’s in it. 🙂


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