The Importance of Social Media When Blogging

Today’s post is something a little different to what we usually blog about, but we hope you find it useful! If you follow us on Twitter you may have seen that we recently reached another milestone, 2,000 followers! To some people, it may not seem a lot but imagine that many people in a room! Since our followers have grown we have noticed an increase in traffic to our blog. This has made us really think about how important social media actually is in terms of blogging! Therefore, we thought we’d use today’s post to help any new bloggers who want to start building a following for their blog!

The majority of people use social media, whether it’s to talk to people, find out news or keep up to date with their favourite blogs. Therefore, if you want your blog and hard work to be noticed you need to get yourself out there on various social media platforms. That being said it is important that you let your personality shine through on social media, people want to get to know you personally. The following are some platforms which we use and how we use them:


Twitter sends the most traffic our way. We make sure that we use it to promote our posts although we keeping the majority of tweets personal. Let’s face it a Twitter account with only promotional tweets wouldn’t be something you’d want to follow! Writing personal tweets also allows you to make blogger friends which is vital. You’re in a community of lovely supportive people, so it’s great to get involved and chat about ‘blogger stuff’. There are also plenty of blogger chats which allow you to get to know others better and get your blog out there. Ideally, we like to take part in at least 3 chats a week, however, this hasn’t been possible lately as we’ve had so much work!


We mainly use our Instagram to post personal photos to allow people/our readers to get to know us better! We don’t tend to get a lot of traffic from this platform, although it’s different for everyone! A lot of people enjoy following ‘themed’ Instagrams. If you’re unsure what a ‘theme’ is, it’s basically where every photo you post looks a certain way, for example a lot of people will edit their photos the same way or have a border around each of their photos. So if you want to get your blog noticed through Instagram, this may be an idea for you!


We tend to use Facebook purely for blog promotion. This is the platform we have the least followers on and for us it’s the hardest to make friends/get views. However, it is a good idea for you to create a Facebook page for your blog as if people haven’t seen your promotional tweets, they may see it on Facebook.

Other platforms we use include Bloglovin and Pinterest. If you’ve started a blog make sure you sign up to Bloglovin, it’s a website which helps you keep up to date with all of your favourite blogs! It’s helpful and also gets people reading your content. Pinterest on the other hand, is a what we use to get inspiration, whether it be for baking, fashion or blog posts. We don’t promote our blog on there but it’s a site that really helps if you’re struggling with ‘bloggers block’.

Although views and followers are important, it is good to remember they aren’t everything. To us what’s the most important is having fun, creating good content and making friends from our hobby!


11 thoughts on “The Importance of Social Media When Blogging

  1. Lovely post 🙂
    It’s true that twitter sends the most traffic which I find funny as in real life I don’t know a lot people who have actually an account ^^
    I love blogger chats as well! But sadly, I don’t always have the time 😦
    For me the most important thing remains that you have fun blogging! If the fun is gone, it doesn’t make sense to have a blog.


  2. Congrats on reaching 2,000 followers on Twitter guys! Twitter is definitely my favourite social network and I’m slowly appreciating how much impact it actually has on my blog. Bloglovin followers almost mean nothing when you look at where the majority of your traffic actually comes from! Totally agree with Pinterest helping with bloggers block – there’s always something out there to inspire you!


  3. Really helpful post! Twitter has definitely been amazing for conversation and getting to know other bloggers. Yet to see a big drive of traffic from there but i’m hoping that will grow with time!xx


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