Barry M Satin Super Slick Lip Paint in Berrylicious | Lauren

All over Instagram I kept seeing the ‘new’ Barry M Lip Paints, I looked in every Boots/Superdrug I could think of and couldn’t find them. Finally I managed to find a few different shades and decided to go for Berrylicious. We both love a nice dark berry tone for Autumn/Winter so I knew this would get plenty of wear!

One of the main reasons I love a Barry M Lip Paint is because of the price, this item was priced at just ยฃ4.49 (bargain!!!). If you aren’t a fan of Barry M then you probably should be, you’ll be saving quite a few pennies! I also love the fact that Barry M are cruelty free. Both Rachel and myself have been considering going cruelty free for a while and we’re in the middle of taking the plunge. Therefore, the majority of our make up collection consists of Barry M products.

There are a total of 6 Lip Paints in this new collection all of which are autumnal shades (there is a coral tone too!). The packaging is something that really caught my eye, I love the metallic/shiny look. I feel that the packaging makes the product look much more expensive than it actually, is whilst still being compact. I also love the edgy look it gives!

The shade of the lipstick is a little darker than it appears in the photo. The lighting has been awful lately so that explains why! I love how it looks on, it doesn’t make me look too ghostly! One thing I was a little disappointed with is that I found it tricky to apply. I’m not sure if it’s just me but I felt that the colour bled a little, meaning I ended up with lipstick all around my lips. This also meant that it was more difficult to get an even coverage. That being said, I suck so bad at make up so maybe after a few more attempts of applying, I’ll no longer have these issues!

I’m yet to do a wear test as I haven’t been able to wear this out yet (I’ve been so busy at uni and work) ,but once I have I shall update this post with details! Overall for the small price of ยฃ4.49 I do think this is a great lip paint! Please do not be put off by me saying it bled a little as I genuinely think it’s down to me. I can’t wait to wear it out, it’s definitely one of my favourite shades!

Are you a fan of Barry M products? What are your favourites?


20 thoughts on “Barry M Satin Super Slick Lip Paint in Berrylicious | Lauren

  1. The colour is great! But as I’m not a genius with makeup, I guess it’s not for me if it is hard to apply :/
    Also I didn’t know of Barry M until now, so I’m not even sure, if it’s available in Switzerland at all.
    Where in England did you buy it? And compared to for example MAC, can you try it in the shop? ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. Gorgeous colour Lauren – love those berry colours, perfect for autumn/winter looks & what a superb price!!! Need to try some more of Barry M range…. haven’t been impressed with their eyeshadows but their mascaras seem to perform well, as do the polishes! now to try the lips ๐Ÿ˜€ hehe xxx


  3. What a gorgeous shade!! I will definitely be buying that on my next trip to town! So glad to hear you’re considering going cruelty free – don’t forget to check out my list of other cruelty free brands and tips for making the switch easier ๐Ÿ™‚ fab post girls!

    Teri-May xx


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