Wear It Pink | Breast Cancer Awareness OOTD

For those of you who do not know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. We were recently contacted by Kumba, a blogger who is working on a campaign with the Wear It Pink Charity to raise awareness for breast cancer. It is something that sadly affects many people and Kumba explained to us how close the issue is to her heart just as it is to ours. Since it’s such an important cause, we wanted to help and join in with the amazing campaign. The original idea was to post a pink ‘Make up of the day’ look, but since we don’t tend to wear a lot of make up we switched it up and decided to show you an outfit instead! Here are some looks we have come up with in order to raise awareness for a great cause!


I don’t really wear a lot of pink but this floral shirt is an exception! I put it underneath my black cord pinafore and I love how smart but casual it looks. I’m also wearing my rose quartz necklace and some pink socks! It’s a rare sight to see me wearing the colour pink but since this is such an important cause I definitely had to rummage through my wardrobe to find something!!


I really struggled to find anything pink in my wardrobe, I think I threw every pink item out a few years back! That being said I recently purchased this cute floral top from H&M and it goes perfect with my black denim skirt and docs. I also incorporated my pink dragon hair bow and matte pink lip into this look!

 We’d like to say thank you to Kumba for giving us the opportunity to create this post and we hope it can help to raise awareness. Why not try creating your own pink inspired makeup look or outfit for Breast Cancer Awareness month? Even if you don’t have a blog you can still donate by clicking the link here!


7 thoughts on “Wear It Pink | Breast Cancer Awareness OOTD

  1. Love the post girls! Such an amazing cause and I love all the additions of pink. The shirt is gorgeous and I love the bow. I think it’s amazing to see bloggers get behind such a great cause that affects so many people Xx


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