Our First Ever Lush Kitchen Order!

So a few weeks back, we finally did something we’ve wanted to do for ages, order from Lush kitchen! We have always seen bits that we’ve liked the sound of, but we wanted to make sure they were products that we knew we’d use. Finally a menu came up where there were multiple items we’d fallen in love with, Lauren even managed to grab a lip tint from the previous week’s menu!

Sunkissed Lip Tint-

When I first saw this on the previous weeks menu, I knew I needed to have it but there were no other items I wanted. I thought paying to get just 1 item delivered was ridiculous so decided against it. I couldn’t believe that it was still available the week after and knew that this time I had to get it. Boy am I glad I did, it smells and feels AMAZING! I’m not entirely sure on the colour as I feel that it doesn’t suit me(see photo below!) but nevertheless I’m in love. Sunkissed both smells and tastes like sherbet and for us smells exactly like ‘old school Lush’. Even though it’s a lip tint my lips are left feeling soft and moisturised which will be a bonus over the next few months. I believe this tint is available in Lush Oxford Street and now our local store has moved it’s available there too. If you can get your hands on it, you won’t regret it!

Schnuggle Body Butter-

Body butters are one of our favourite things to use. Not only do they moisturise your skin but they leave it feeling really soft. When these were announced on the Lush Kitchen menu, we knew we needed to try them since a body butter in a solid form isn’t something we’ve used before. The design is very simple although the strong, calming lavender and Chamomile scent makes up for it! We have found this product especially useful after shaving our legs, since the lavender really helps to soothe them. It’s also great to use before bed as again the lavender is calming and makes you feel really relaxed.

Sugar Babe Body Scrub-

Another product from the menu that stood out to us was this sugar scrub. We weren’t sure what the smell would be like but we liked the idea of a sugar body scrub anyway! When it arrived, straight away we noticed it has quite a powerful floral scent, most likely due to it containing Ylang Ylang oil. At first we weren’t too keen but it has honestly grown on us! If you’ve never used a sugar body scrub from Lush before, it is not ideal to take the whole thing in the shower if you are planning on not using it all at once! Rachel made this mistake without thinking and the whole thing turned to mush. Luckily we managed to save it by putting it in an old shower jelly container and using it as a shower scrub instead! That being said it is great for exfoliating your skin and again leaves it feeling really soft after.

We’re so happy with our first ever Lush Kitchen purchases! Hopefully there will be another menu soon that we like the look of, but in the meantime we’ll be spending all of our money on the new Halloween/Christmas range!


8 thoughts on “Our First Ever Lush Kitchen Order!

  1. I would love to get something from Lush but I think it would be pointless to get any bath bombs when I can’t take baths anymore 😦 I think my mom would enjoy them but she says no. She’s no fun!


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