Autumn Lip & Nail Essentials

So it’s a blogger’s favourite time of year again, Autumn! Out come all of the oversized jumpers, boots and of course the berry toned makeup (oh how we’ve missed all the different shades). We’ve decided to show you guys what we’ll be wearing this Autumn in terms of nail polishes and lipsticks. Hopefully if you’re looking to treat yourself to some new makeup this season, you’ll find something here that takes your fancy!


Barry M ‘Nighshade’ Nail Polish & Collection ‘Scorned’ Lipstick

I love dark colours anyway but there’s something so great about wearing them at this time of the year! This deep purple nail polish is my go-to shade as soon as Autumn arrives. I love wearing black nail varnish but sometimes I feel like it’s too harsh, this dark purple is the perfect shade as it’s in between, meaning I feel a bit ‘girlier’! I’ve paired it with this purple lipstick from Collection’s Gothic Glam range. It’s quite dark against my pale skin tone but since it’s Autumn I do feel as though it’s more acceptable! They go together really well and purple is one of my favourite colours so I love the look of these two!

Barry M ‘Raspberry’ Nail Polish & Collection ‘Revenge’ Lipstick

Everyone loves a berry shade and this nail polish is another one of my favourites for this season! As you can tell I only really own Barry M nail polishes as they apply so well and there’s so many beautiful colours to choose from. The lipstick is a similar shade of red and is again from the Gothic Glam range. I own all three lipsticks from this range and I love them all, they apply so smoothly and last well throughout the day. Together these two are the perfect combination for Autumn!


Barry M ‘Ballerina’ Nail Polish & Collection ‘Taffeta Bloom’ Lipstick

Now I know for a lot of people this isn’t their typical Autumn combo but I really love pinky/nude tones. I love Ballerina so much I’m now on my second bottle! It gives great coverage and I find that it stays on my nails for ages without chipping. It goes perfect with this Collection lipstick I recently bought too (even better!!). I’ve been wearing Taffeta Bloom so much over the past few days and I love the colour and matte finish.

Barry M ‘Sprint Finish’ Speedy Quick Dry Paint & Collection ‘Perfect Plum’ Lip Butter

Now on to the berry tones! I know in a previous post we said that we weren’t overly impressed with the Speedy Quick Dry polishes BUT, I had to give this one a go. I really love the tone of this polish, it’s dark but hopefully not so dark that it’ll stain my nails. Another perk is the fact that it is quick drying so I can paint my nails in a hurry. Perfect Plum lip butter goes perfectly, although it is a little lighter! I love how easy it is to apply and that it stays on for so long, as with all Collection products it’s reasonably priced as well.

Here’s how all these shades look. Just look at all those berry tones, ahh! What are your favourite shades to wear this season? We’d love to know what colours sum up Autumn for you!


20 thoughts on “Autumn Lip & Nail Essentials

  1. Oo Barry M are the ultimate nail polish gods! Their range of colours is incredible, especially the new darker shades they’ve released. The Collection lipsticks look incredible, I can’t believe I haven’t seen them before. ‘Scorned’ looks very similar to Revlon’s ‘Black Cherry’ which is absolutely beautiful! xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat

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  2. Barry M’s Speedy Quick Dry in Sprint Finish is my LIFE right now, haha. I absolutely love the autumn collection they brought out, the shades are perfect ❤ (But I've had nothing but good experiences with the entire Quick Dry line). The two Collection Gothic Glam lipsticks are lovely, I already have a lippy similar to Scorned, but 'Revenge' looks like something I might pick up soon! Yay for gothy autumn colours 😀

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  3. I love dark colours but I’m always worried that it will look wrong because I have such pale skin and I don’t fancy looking like a vampire during the colder season so I usually go for a pink naturalg look but I tend to do nice thick eyeliner !


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