Intu Lakeside 25 and Fabulous Blog Event

On Thursday the 24th we attended an event to celebrate Intu Lakeside shopping centre turning 25 years old, Happy Birthday! The event was held at 360 champagne and cocktails lounge, somewhere we’ve always looked at but never been to! Despite rushing around before hand and getting stuck in ridiculous amounts of traffic we made it just in time. We decided to meet up with our blogger friend Hannah before so we could all arrive together! As we were not sent a schedule we were unsure what to expect, which made us a little nervous but excited at the same time.

Upon arrival we were greeted with a glass of Prosseco and given an insight into what would be going on throughout the evening. Whilst waiting for everyone to arrive, we took a seat at the bar and got chatting to some new bloggers. It was lovely to meet more bloggers from our area, as the majority of those we talk to live miles away!

After everyone had arrived we were given various talks on Lakeside and their birthday plans as well as a run down of the latest fashion trends. Carlene (Lakeside’s personal stylist) gave us an insight into the free stylist service she offers, this is something we never knew was available at Lakeside. We were also shown some lovely items that are sold in stores around the centre.

After chatting some more we got a masterclass in making cocktails! Here we were talked through the different steps of making a cocktail. There were a variety of different cocktails to choose from, seeing as Lauren was driving and Rachel is only 17 we both chose a mocktail.

Here’s what we each decided to go for; a Raspberry Fizz! Strangely enough it tasted more minty than anything but was super refreshing!

Below are some of the bloggers we got to spend time with at the event! It was great to be able to talk to other people without feeling really awkward. All the bloggers there were lovely and the conversations flowed really well!


After finishing our cocktails we then moved on to a master class in makeup by Urban Decay. Lots of their products were set up on a table for us to look at too! We’ve never used any Urban Decay makeup before and since we’ve only seen a few of their products, we couldn’t believe how pretty all of their packaging is!

We were shown how to create a smokey eye look with the different products.The makeup artist made it look so easy and effortless, we wish we were able to create looks like this! She was really friendly and helpful and gave us advice and makeup tips. We were also shown some of the newer products including a brand new eye palette full of amazing smokey tones.

The make up looked like such great quality and has really made us want to try some of their products. We were told that Urban Decay give free makeovers, so we’d love to attend one of those in the near future.

At the end of the night we were all given a lovely goodie bag which included sweets, plenty of samples and a cute teddy each (there was so much stuff we couldn’t fit it all in the picture!). One thing we were super excited about were the lush samples (you never would have guessed, eh?!), one of the samples was the Godmother soap and it smells amazing!

We were really greatful to receive these beautiful teddies from Flutterbyes. They’ve got us so excited for Christmas and we can’t wait to put them out with the rest of our decorations! Rachel’s bear smells like gingerbread too, you don’t get much better than that do you?!

Overall we had a lovely night and are so happy that we got to attend. It was so lovely to have the opportunity to meet some lovely new bloggers and hopefully we’ll stay in contact with them!


4 thoughts on “Intu Lakeside 25 and Fabulous Blog Event

  1. Aww looks like you girls had a lovely time! I love gingerbread so very jealous of the teddy bear! I’m so happy you’ve met local bloggers! I know how much you wanted to 🙂 I’m jealous, haven’t met any now I’ve moved home! 😦 xxxxx


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