LUSH Mask of Magnaminty VS Cup O’ Coffee

After recently purchasing Cup O’ Coffee at Lush Oxford Street, we have developed a new love for Lush face masks.  We had always wanted to try them but there were never any that really appealed to us, as we didn’t realise that Fresh masks weren’t the only ones they sold! We don’t like the idea of throwing a product away after a few weeks and since these last a lot longer, we thought why not give them a try!

Mask Of Magnaminty (Self-Preserving) – £5.50 for 125g 

To state the obvious, Magnaminty looks like mint chocolate chip ice cream and smells like mint chewing gum! It has a thick texture which makes it feel more like a face mask compared to Cup O’ Coffee. We both adore the scent but just wish it was a little bit stronger as we love strong, minty products! According to Lush, the purpose of this face mask is to ‘stimulate the blood cells under the surface of your skin to leave it looking bright and refreshed’. They also say it leaves your skin clean and clear, which is a main reason why we wanted to try it. Lush recently bought out a self-preserving version of this face mask. We decided to pick this one up after it was recommended to us by a member of staff.

At first we noticed that applying the mask was quite difficult. This was due to Magnaminty sticking to our fingers, meaning that we were unable to get an equal layer on our faces. However, the second time we used the product it seemed a lot more wet and cold meaning we were able to apply it a lot easier!

Cup O’ Coffee – £6.50 for 150g 

The scent of this face mask is so strong that when you open the lid it’s like walking straight into Starbucks! We aren’t even keen on coffee but we can’t get enough of this scent. The texture of Cup O’ Coffee is really different compared to Magnaminty as it’s more ‘sloppy’, meaning that it is a lot easier to apply and get an even coverage on your face.

With this face mask a little goes a long way meaning that the pot lasts a long time. Since the product is £1 more than Magnaminty, the fact it’ll last longer justifies this!  We tend to put a thicker layer on our problem areas (hence why Lauren has a lot more on her cheeks than forehead!) and find that the skin is left smooth and refreshed.

We find that as Cup O’ Coffee has granules it means we can properly exfoliate our skin while we wash it off. This allows us to remove any dry skin and leaves it feeling soft and energised.

We have to say that out of both of the face and body masks Cup O’ Coffee has to be our winner! It’s easier to apply, easier to remove and smells so strong! That being said Mask Of Magnaminty leaves your skin feeling smooth and moisturised and stops your skin from feeling oily. It’s also the more attractive face mask out of the two but then again, nobody really looks that attractive in a face mask do they?


10 thoughts on “LUSH Mask of Magnaminty VS Cup O’ Coffee

  1. You’re both beautiful with masks on! I don’t really like the smell of coffee, I like the sound of the magnaminty one! I love mint, will have to give them both a sniff in store, great post 🙂 xx


  2. I want to try the mask of magnaminty for a long time now beacause I love mint so much Its bad that it doesn’t smell that string bit I will definitely try I as soon as possible and maybe make a review on my blog

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