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So it’s that time of year again where the Summer holidays have ended and everyone returns to School/College/University. Yeah it sucks right?! We aren’t looking forward to going back in the next few weeks. Over the Summer we’ve been able to blog whenever we wanted to, now it’s back to reality and a routine. Early morning’s, a tonne of work and juggling 9 different things at once is going to be super stressful! Now that’s enough of the negativity. We wanted to use today’s post to show you what sort of outfit we are wearing on our first day back. Choosing what outfit to wear on the first day is always super stressful so we’ve tried to come up with an outfit that is both comfy and stylish!



I’ve never really been a fan of long tops. I worry that where I’m short they swamp me and give me no shape. However, in a recent shopping trip to H&M I found this lovely long sleeve. I feel like although it is a little long it doesn’t look too baggy and the fact that the sleeves are tight helps too! I don’t really own much khaki but I’m loving it now and think this will be worn a lot over the next few months. Something like this is perfect whilst at Uni as when you’re sitting in lectures you don’t want to wear anything that’s too tight.


I love the look this top creates with my ripped jeans and beloved Dr Martens. My Triceratops necklace from goes perfect to add a little bit more of my personality to the overall outfit! Last but not least I can’t forget my trusty Vans backpack! Walking around University carrying a billion different books and a laptop is no fun but this beauty makes it bearable and is big enough to store everything!


Long sleeve: H&M

Ripped jeans : Topshop

Boots : Dr Martens

Backpack : Vans (No longer available online!)

Triceratops necklace :



When it comes to outfits for college, my main priority is that it’s comfy! I recently rekindled my love for checked shirts when I found this one in New Look. I love the length of it and how well it goes with a cropped tee underneath. It also adds a little bit of ‘colour’ to my wardrobe since I usually wear a lot of black! Of course I’ve paired these with ripped jeans and my black Docs, believe it or not they’re both pretty comfy to wear all day. I’ve also layered up a few necklaces from various stores (Stegosaurus necklace can be seen here). You won’t see me leave the house without necklaces on, they can make any outfit look interesting!


Of course at college I need a bag to fit in all of my stuff and my Vans backpack is perfect! Joe got it for me for my Birthday because he knew how much I wanted one, I think he did well choosing the design of it because it’s so pretty! Since I’ve had this I haven’t had to suffer with aching shoulders because the straps are so comfy, I can have as much stuff in my bag as I like.

Shirt : New Look

Ribbed Teeย :ย Primark

High Waisted Ripped Jeans : Topshop

Boots : Dr Martens

Backpack : Vans

Have you had to go back to reality lately? If so we hope it wasn’t too bad! Unfortunately due to us going back to our own reality we won’t be able to blog as regularly. Since February we’ve come so far and had a lot of support, so we’ll make sure we try and keep on top of stuff!


24 thoughts on “Back to Reality | Causal Outfits

  1. Oh you gorgeous girls! Absolutely love these outfits, we have such similar style. Love that you both showed the different types of tops that can go with ripped jeans and Docs. I’m determined to get more wear out of my Docs this year, so I may have to dig out my ripped jeans! xx

    Kathryn | Chapters of Kat


  2. LOVE RIPPED JEANS! They look stylish and always fit so well. Also I am on the look out for a green checked shirt, we have similar tastes too! ๐Ÿ™‚ I agree with the first comment, you are both gorgeous! ๐Ÿ™‚ love reading your fashion posts xxxx


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