Jewellery Box – Dinosaur Necklaces!*

For a while now we’ve been wanting to share our jewellery collections with you, but there has just been one thing missing – dinosaur necklaces! Luckily we recently spoke to Gemma from who was there to solve our problem. She kindly offered to send us some items to talk about on our blog and since we’d had our eyes on these particular necklaces for a while, we couldn’t say no!

First of all, when we received our items we were amazed by how simple but pretty the packing was. Each box was wrapped in brown paper, tied up with string and finished off with a tag and cute a little peg. It’s clear that a lot of love and thought is put into each little package!

Jewellery Box has a tonne of cute and quirky items available on their website, from necklaces to all kinds of body jewellery. Out of everything on the store, the items we got have to be our favourites! If you’ve read our blog or spoken to us on twitter you’ll know that we both love dinosaurs. Gemma sells all different kinds of dinosaur related jewellery on her website and we were pretty fond of these two in particular:

Rachel: Silver Stegosaurus Necklace

This necklace that I was sent is priced at just £15. I love the 18″ chain as it goes so well with other necklaces or with tops that are cut a little lower. Out of all of the items on the site, the stegosaurus necklace stood out to me most as they were my favourite dinosaur as a child! It looks even better than I thought and I honestly can’t stop wearing it!

Lauren: Silver Triceratops Necklace

My favourite Dinosaur is the Triceratops so I knew that I had to have this. The charm on the necklace is so beautiful and detailed! This necklace is priced at £19 and I decided to get it on an 18 inch chain, which is a perfect length as it can be worn with anything. I can’t stop admiring this necklace and I have been wearing it non stop ever since it came. I now have my eye on some other Dinosaur necklaces as well as some earrings, so looks like they’re going on my birthday list!

This is how the necklaces look on! They look really dainty but stand out so much at the same time. The quality of these items is also great too, the chain is thin but doesn’t feel like it’s about to snap! Also, the charms aren’t heavy at all so your neck isn’t being weighed down. Gemma also stocks many other different Dinosaur items which can be found on her store. These include necklaces with T-Rex and Pterodactyl charms as well as jewellery from a company called ‘Designosaur’. We also found that delivery was quick, we were shocked to see them so soon! If you spend over £10 delivery is free and you can also order before 2pm so that your items are dispatched the same day.

It’s safe to say we are over the moon with our necklaces and would highly recommend ordering from! Have you ever shopped at We will definitely be making a purchase in the very near future as we have our eye on a few more items!


*These products were gifted to us by Jewellery Box and all opinions are ours.

14 thoughts on “Jewellery Box – Dinosaur Necklaces!*

  1. These necklaces are so lovely! You cannot go wrong with a dinosaur necklace, definitely missing one of those in my life. I will be sure to check out their website! Great post 🙂 xx


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