Summer Adventures | Trip to Lush Oxford Street

If this isn’t the first time you’ve read our blog, you’ll know how crazy we are about Lush Cosmetics and how much we’ve been wanting to go to the Oxford Street store. Well on the 13th of August we were FINALLY able to go! When the store first opened there were over 200 exclusive products you could get your hands on. These are starting to be released in other stores now as you may have seen in our post about the Summer product event!

The shop has 3 floors full of both old and new products. The middle floor includes everything from soaps and hair products to makeup and skincare. We spent a while looking through all the different products and trying to find the items on our lists. Some of the most exciting stuff we found included giant 1kg bottles of shower gels and creams like The Comforter and Don’t Rain on My Parade as well huge pots of hair products such as Roots and Big! There was also a big cart full of Lush makeup products. This included a range of different brightly coloured eye-liners, lipsticks and eye shadows. There were also lots of helpful mirrors scattered around the cart to allow you to try out the products.

The top floor was the home of bath products including bath bombs, bubble bars and a whole separate desk dedicated to a new favourite of ours, Fun! There was also a huge section for gift boxes, we’d never seen that many in one place before! We have to be honest, we were expecting a lot more form this floor since bath products are some of our favourites. On the day we went, they only had 3 exclusive bath bombs, Ylang Song, Cyanide Pill and Guardians of the Forest. None of these appealed to us as much as we thought they would either! Sadly they didn’t have the Sacred Lotus or Lava Lamp bath bombs which we were really looking forward to trying out. Another slightly disappointing thing was that they had sold out of the Big Bang bubble bar, another thing we were desperate to try!

People of any age (mainly kids) were sat around the ‘Fun’ table making sculptures, some of the best were even put on display! The Fun table is a great idea, not only to keep people amused, but it also allows you to get an idea of the scents of the products. The Oxford Street store has exclusive Fun products which let you build your own mermaids, monsters and aliens and even speedboats for those looking to add a little bit more excitement to their bath times!

One thing we really wanted to purchase were the bath oils. They had so many different varieties including Monsieur Gustav, Razzle Dazzle, Oil on Troubled Waters and Shark Infested Custard. They were set out like a pick and mix stand which was such a cool idea! We’d previously heard that they melt really easily but thought we’d see for ourselves. After Rachel picked one up, we soon realised that they melt so easily in your hands (and also leave them super glittery and get glitter everywhere!!). Therefore, we avoided buying them out of fear that they would completely melt throughout our long day out!

The Lush Spa was on the bottom floor, along with massage bars, face masks and a section for Gorilla perfumes. This was probably the quietest floor of the shop whilst we were there, that being said it was a horrible day so not many people were about. We managed to convince our Aunt to buy her first ever Lush product too, she went for the ‘Dirty’ massage bar!

A new found favourite of ours are face masks. They were set out so nicely and all looked so pretty! We have both recently purchased a face and body mask and are really happy with them but we shall save that for another post!

We loved the layout of the store and how the products were set out, especially the makeup cart, pick and mix bath oils and the ‘Fun’ table. One thing we did find on our visit (and it’s not always a bad thing) is that a lot of staff approached us and wouldn’t leave us alone. In our local store, all the staff are lovely and they’ll chat with you but will leave you to get on with it and aren’t pushy. However, in Oxford Street we found there were a few staff members who just wouldn’t get the hint. Guys we know it’s your job and you’re super lovely so nothing personal but this did make us feel a little awkward at times.

Before we left the store, I (Rachel) plucked up the courage to say hello to Beckie, a member of staff who also runs two YouTube channels. I’m so glad I finally did as she was so lovely to us and some of our family who came with us! She stood to us chatting for ages about Lush and lots of other stuff! It’s obvious that Beckie is very passionate about the Lush products and it’s so great to see!

Overall we think we spent about 2 hours browsing around the shop which isn’t actually as long as we thought! It was SO exciting to finally get to see what all the fuss is about Lush Oxford Street. We had so much fun picking out products to buy! The only thing we were a bit disappointed with was that quite a lot of the products we were excited to buy weren’t available. Hopefully they’ll be bringing out more Oxford Street exclusives into our local store so that we can buy them that way! Have you been to the Oxford Street store yet? What did you think about it? Keep looking out for a Lush Oxford Street haul post that will be on the blog soon!


15 thoughts on “Summer Adventures | Trip to Lush Oxford Street

  1. I visited this store in June when I went to London, I was in heaven! It’s such an amazing store, I find some of the exclusives have very overpowering scents, but incredible nonetheless! It’s a shame that some of the ones you wanted to try were sold out, I hope they’re there if you visit again.
    Lovely photos girls! xx


  2. Wow! The shop looks amazing. It’s making me want to visit now. I’ve never bought anything from lush before, but I’ve always wanted to but could never decide on what to get. Given me a few ideas. Thanks. – Emma ☺️☺️☺️ x


  3. That store is huge!! I’m looking forward to your face and body mask review :D. I usually buy those kinds of products at The Body Shop. Maybe you’ll convince me to purchase something at Lush too 😉

    xx Izzy | Qthee


  4. Your pictures are brilliant girls! You’ve done such a good job with them, think we are going to London shopping on Saturday, why don’t you come across and meet me in Lush? 😉 I loved the layout of the store too! When I was in there, they had a kids party! We would have loved that when we were younger 🙂 what did your Aunt think of the product she bought? Will she review it? 😉 Great post xxxxx


    • Yay thank you! I felt scared and awkward to take the pictures but they turned out okay! Aw damn, shame I’m working Saturday haha! We don’t know if she’s used it yet but I’m sure she’s loving it. We’ve turned our mum into a Lush lover too!! :’) -R xxxx


  5. Haha you guys will think I am weird, but I always get so happy when I come to read your recent blog post! I just know it is going to be something cute, fun and bring a smile to my face, haha! Amazing pictures, look like you had an AMAZING time! So jealous!! Can’t wait to see what post is next (I WANT DINOSAURS, HAHA!!)

    Sarah xxx


  6. I visited the store a few days before you and it was rammed! I could only spend about 10 minutes int here as 3 people were waiting outside for me but it was an amazing ten minutes. I did buy one of the bath oils and I was relieved it didn’t melt at the end of the day!

    Blogger & The Geek


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