Summer Adventures | Butterfly Farm & Wildlife Park

Before we start today’s post we would just like to say that we’re sorry this post hasn’t been published sooner. As some of you may have seen on Twitter, Rachel went on holiday to Wales last week. This meant that we were unable to write up our ‘Summer Adventures’ posts! Never fear, she’s back and we couldn’t wait any longer to share this with you!

One of our favourite things to do is go anywhere that has animals. We have a fairly local wildlife park which we’ve been going to ever since we were little. Recently we decided to go there with our family for the day and it’s safe to say we saw some cute animals! It was also the perfect opportunity for Rachel to take some photos for her photography portfolio.

You may notice two familiar faces in the picture below. Rachel’s boyfriend Joe and our cousin Connor came along with us as well as our Aunt (pictured below), Uncle and our Mum. Unfortunately Kyle and our Dad were busy at work which sucks as they couldn’t join in with the fun!

We decided on exploring the outside enclosures first as the weather was nice and sunny! Among all the animals we saw were some Wallabys. They’re super cute and you’re allowed to walk around their enclosure and feed them at certain times! Some of the Wallaby’s even had Joey’s in their pouches which was really sweet to see. We even managed to snap a cheeky selfie with a sleepy Wallaby, cuteness overload!!!!

Now if you know Lauren personally, you’ll know that she has always been super scared of goats. Yep we know it sounds silly but it stems back from when we were kids! Basically a goat chased me for some food and ever since I’ve been petrified of them.

Look what I plucked up the courage to do though! I stroked a goat! Was a little nervy at first but yup I did it! I doubt I would ever get in a pen with them though!

A firm favourite of ours has always been the Meerkats. They’re really fun to watch and full of character so we spent most of our time around their enclosure. This allowed Rachel to get some super cool shots of them, like the photos below!

They’d also had babies recently and we’re suckers for baby animals! There were around 6 baby Meerkats running around the enclosure, play fighting and digging. This little one was so cute, imagine how cool it would be to have a pet Meerkat running around your house!

Other animals that were located outside included birds, tortoises and monkeys. There was also an area dedicated to farm animals but we avoided going there as it was packed. We find birds fascinating, the way they move and look around intrigues us. They also have parrots and other birds which chat away to you and make strange noises.

After looking around the outdoor area we decided to head into our favourite part, the butterfly farm! This is an indoor area where butterflies fly around. There are also various other animals in enclosures and there is even a reptile area. This is where we found these adorable Geckos. Unfortunately there was also a giant snake in the same room, they creep us out so we avoided looking at it!

Around the tropical house there are so many varieties of butterflies flying around, it’s pretty surreal standing there and having these beautiful insects floating all around you. At one point a butterfly even landed on Joe’s face but it was so quick we couldn’t get a good enough picture to show you!

Quite often you don’t realise the beauty of certain creatures until you look back at photos like this. Look at the detail on these butterflies wings, how beautiful are they?! Our Mum absolutely loves butterflies so for her this was a great experience too.

Caterpillars usually freak us out a little bit. Look how pretty they look though, they almost look as if they aren’t real. Walking around the tropical house was a little like being in our own personal wonderland, surrounded by amazingly beautiful creatures.

As well as insects and animals there were lots of beautiful flowers around the butterfly farm. Many were super vibrant, this one in particular reminded us of something from Lilo and Stitch. There was also a plant that looked like a banana plant, well it had tiny bananas on it regardless. Walking around the tropical house was like walking around a relaxing forest full of beautiful animals, insects and plants, there was even a little waterfall too.

The highlight of our day was probably getting to see this little one. We’re unsure of it’s gender but it’s a Red-Crested Turaco! He/She was super friendly and we got multiple selfies, crazy how this little bird was so full of character.

Have you been to any zoos of wildlife parks over the summer?! What sort of animals have you seen? We’re so glad that we were able to go to one of our favourite places again. This tropical house in particular holds many childhood memories for us. Thanks for taking the time to read this!


6 thoughts on “Summer Adventures | Butterfly Farm & Wildlife Park

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful time, my sister would love the butterflies. I love these summer adventure posts and seeing more pictures of you both! xx


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