July Lush Haul – Part 2!

So if you read part 1 of our haul, here’s the rest of what we bought from Lush in July! Our blog has basically been a shrine to Lush lately, we can’t get enough of their products! This post features something that we hadn’t bought before and a little something for your hair (we don’t want to ruin the surprise!).


‘Shimmy Shimmy’ Shimmer Bar- £4.95

On this particular visit to Lush, I knew I wanted to buy something a little different to what I normally get. A store assistant showed me all of the different massage bars and applied them all to my skin. As soon as she showed me Shimmy Shimmy I  instantly fell in love! Not only do the cocoa and shea butters leave your skin feeling super soft, the bar also leaves it sparkling with glitter! This may not be everybody’s cup of tea (and with my pale skin it does leave me looking a little bit like a vampire form Twilight) but I love how it makes my skin shimmer! I’m quite self conscious of my arms but this shimmer bar makes me actually want to go out without my arms covered! Most importantly to me, this product doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy as I feel some body butters do. When you use it it quickly melts in your hands and feels soft instead of sticky. The smell is so different to the Lush products I’ve used too. It’s smells more perfume-y with a hint of vanilla and isn’t too strong! The only thing that some may not like about this product is that the glitter gets EVERYWHERE. I don’t mind this though and I love how the next day I still have a few specks of glitter on my arms!


Soft Coeur – £4.95 

For ages I’d been debating whether or not to buy a massage bar. If I’m completely honest I never really understood what the point of them was! Yeah I know it says ‘massage bar’ but does that mean a moisturiser or what?! However, since buying this my mind has been changed. I’m a little bit in love with this bar, the shape, the way it smells, the way it makes my skin feel, aaaaah! The ingredients in this bar are honey, cocoa butter and cocoa powder so basically it’s a little bar of heaven. The scent stays on your skin for hours and leaves a lovely chocolatey scent that isn’t too overpowering! The one thing that worries me a little is how quickly the bar melts when you hold it in your hands. I feel like if I hold it for too long, it’ll melt away! That being said it does state this online and it’s due to the ingredients. After using this bar a few times I’d also say it’s great value for money as it hasn’t shrunk too much. Out of all the massage bars it has to be my favourite so if you see it, make sure you smell it!

Honey I Washed My Hair – £5.75 

I have previously tried one other Lush shampoo bar and was seriously impressed. They lather really well and leave your hair feeling healthy! So when we recently went to Lush I decided I’d have another look at their range and choose one. The scent of this bar reminds me of toffee, something I’m not too keen on usually. That being said, I love the scent it leaves on my hair. When looking online it says that this bar has a ‘new formula’ but I’m not sure whether I have the old bar or not. Either way it smells beautiful and is not a sickly smell! I also found that it left my hair feeling well conditioned which is a bonus. If you want shiny hair that smells amazing and is left feeling soft make sure Honey I Washed My Hair is on your Lush list!

Have you tried anything new from Lush lately?! Let us know, we love trying something different! We’ve got some more Lush posts coming up soon so be sure to keep checking back.


6 thoughts on “July Lush Haul – Part 2!

  1. I’m guessing that’s the new Honey I Washed My Hair formula as I’ve just run out of the one I bought in April and it’s a much paler colour. I love it though, my hair is cleaner and in better condition and I swear the bar has helped for hair growth, but that might just be me! Hope you love using it 🙂


  2. Honey I Washed My Hair sounds amazing! Love how you picked up different things, I really need to do that because I feel like all I buy is bath bombs!! Great post and I love the L & R signature at the bottom, is that new? 🙂 xxx


    • My hair feels so soft after using it! I love it will definitely be buying another shampoo bar! You should try some of their other stuff the massage bars are some of my favourite things 😊 yes it’s newish, thanks lovely – L xxx


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