Don Broco Gig


It’s been a while since we got to do a ‘Day in the Life’ style post but now we have the perfect opportunity! On Sunday the 9th we had a rather busy day which ended with us seeing Don Broco. If you are unaware of who they are, YouTube them now, they’re fab and have some super catchy songs! It’s safe to say that this was like no other gig we’ve ever been to, you can read on to find out why!


Their current tour is to celebrate the release of their new album, ‘Automatic’. It has a mixture of different songs on it from rock, to what we consider really funky and almost like something from the 80s. Going to a gig in a small venue on a super hot day isn’t the best idea really. Let’s just say, we were all sticky messes! We thought we’d show you this before selfie, see if you can spot any differences between this photo and one after the gig!

We got to the venue around 45 minutes before the doors opened to make sure that we could stand close-ish to the front. The first time we’d been to this venue was when we saw Young Guns and we fell in love with it then. It’s a converted church which is so cool and makes gigs feel so much more intimate.


 A band called Light You Up were the support act. We’ve got to be honest they weren’t really our sort of thing but they had some rather catchy songs! You could also tell how much they were enjoying themselves and how grateful they were that people had come out early to see them. Although their music is quite different to the music we’d usually listen to, their set was enjoyable and it was good to see something a little different. We’ve also not been able to get a few of there songs out of our heads which is always good! Unfortunately due to them being so energetic we were unable to get a decent shot of their performance!

Next up were Don Broco! The first song they played was ‘Money Power Fame’ which really got the crowd going! The whole setlist was full of our most favourite songs which made it even more enjoyable. At the start of the gig we had so much fun jumping around, singing and listening to the music, although it was super crammed in the venue and everyone was dripping with sweat after just one song!Don-Broco

However, within a few songs in some people decided to create their own mosh pit and throw everyone around. Now we’re not being boring but this did make us feel a little on edge and anxious! That being said we did know it was likely to happen as we’d seen plenty of videos before! By song 10 things got even crazier as Rob, the lead singer encouraged the crowd to start a Wall of death! Now if you don’t know what this is, it’s basically where the crowd splits into two halves and on the count of three when the song is at it’s heaviest, they just run into each other! We did sit this one out, out of fear of being squished to death, although it was pretty crazy to see it happen right in front of us!

We’ve gotta admit they are one of the best bands we’ve seen live. Rob’s vocals were on point and all of the guys knew how to get the crowd going, especially when they showed us their moves on stage! Their sassiness never fails to amuse us either! There was a chance to meet them after the show and get stuff signed, but as the queue was SO long we sadly had to give that a miss.

After the gig everybody was soaked with sweat, us included (gross right?)! We had an amazing night and we’d love to see these guys at an acoustic set to get a different feel from their music. Their new album has gotta be one of our favourites, we can’t stop playing it! We’d recommend having a listen if you’ve never heard of these guys before.


Overall, we had a great night and really enjoyed ourselves! We can’t wait for the next gig we’re off to in October to see Young Guns again! Have you seen Don Broco before?! Let us know about your gig experiences by leaving a comment or tweeting us!


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