Summer Adventures | A Walk Through Our Week!


A few weeks ago you may have seen the first entry into our Summer Adventures. This past week has been so hectic we haven’t had time to sit and write individual posts for everything! We then thought why not go for a ‘weekly round up’?! It’s something that we’ve never thought to do before so here’s an insight into our week!

First things first, Rachel got a job (YAY!) so for a few days this week she’s been off training. This kind of explains why we’ve been slacking in the post department this week! So at the beginning of the week we decided to go for breakfast with our boyfriends to celebrate.

One of our other highlights from this week was seeing Disney’s new film, ‘Inside Out’ on Tuesday! We weren’t expecting too much as we weren’t sure how the concept would work. That being said we fully enjoyed watching it and at a few points we nearly ended up in tears. It’s something a little different from Disney but it’s such a cool, imaginative idea that most of it is set inside Riley’s mind! If you’re planning on seeing Inside Out, just be aware that it really does tug at your heartstrings!

Another highlight of our week.. a trip to the Disney store on Wednesday, eeeek (Sorry that this post is Disney heavy)! We’ve got a few Tsum Tsum’s already but they recently bought out their new collection. Can you guess what it is?! It’s Aladdin! The new collection features; Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, Genie, Rajah, Sultan, Jafar and Iago and they’re all super cute. As well as picking Aladdin and Jasmine up, Rachel also decided to buy Elsa to add to our collection, look how cute she is! We’ve also got ourself a ‘Tsum Tsum Collectors Card’ so every time you buy one in store you get a stamp. On your 25th stamp you can get a silver pin and on your 50th stamp a gold pin! This means we’ll be be buying even more tsum tsums in the future!


We also found these super cute soft toy dolls! They will definitely be making appearances on our future Christmas/Birthday lists! (Sad right?!) They had so many different princesses and we want them all, not to forget all of the other soft toys the Disney shop sell!


On Wednesday evening we went out to have dinner at the Toby Carvery with some of the girls from work. The food was so good and we had the most amazing bit of chocolate cake and ice cream for dessert. Although Lauren struggled to finish all of it!!

A look through our week wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Jessie! When we were in one of our local supermarkets we found this Dinosaur outfit and knew we had to buy it for her. CUTENESS OVERLOAD! Look at her little face in the photo below! When we tried to take it off she ran away. Finally we have the pet Dinosaur we’ve always wanted!

Oh and how could we forget, Rachel’s boyfriend Joe bought his dog Riley a hot dog outfit! Look how chuffed he looks wearing it. Joe told us that he was running round the house in it for hours!

The last thing we had time to do this week was rush out to get Don Broco’s new album. We’ve been excited about this release for so long and it was definitely worth the wait! It’s gotta be one of the best albums we’ve bought recently. To make this even better we are heading off to one of their gigs on Sunday!

So there’s the 2nd installment of our Summer Adventures! We’ve got some exciting stuff coming up over the next week so keep checking back for more on what we’ve been getting up to this Summer. We hope you’re Summer has been great so far!


8 thoughts on “Summer Adventures | A Walk Through Our Week!

  1. I loved this post, I love hearing a bit more about what you two are up to 🙂 Also, Inside Out was an emotional rollercoaster, I was genuinely crying at one point at the end! ALSO, your dog is the cutest thing ever!


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