Holiday Essentials!

It’s getting to that time of year where everyone is heading off on holiday! Whether you’re jetting off for a few weeks in the sun or heading to the countryside, the essentials are important! But what are the ‘essentials’?! Here’s what we think everybody should have packed in their suitcases!

The obvious ones:

Clothes, shoes, money, yeah you get it. Obviously these are the most important essentials and if you leave these behind… you should probably just go straight back!


So the majority of people will be jetting off to sunny places and of course sunglasses are vital! You need to make sure you protect your eyes and sunglasses can add to the overall look of an outfit too. And don’t worry about blowing loads of money on a new pair of sunnies, places like Primark do some amazing affordable ones!

Sun cream:

Sun cream is another vital item! Sun burn isn’t cool, you’re damaging your skin. When you’re planning on staying out in the sun all day you’ll be needing a lot of this stuff!


Whether it’s a floppy hat or a baseball cap it’s worth taking a hat with you as you never know when you’ll need it (especially in England!). Again, a hat can add to an outfit so that’s another bonus!


We always take these with us wherever we go on holiday. They may not look the part but they are so handy at keeping your money, phone, camera and other bits with you! Backpacks like these with thick, comfy straps are even better, as it means that you won’t be left with back/shoulder ache all day.


No matter where you’re going it’s always fun to take a camera! Whether you’re site seeing around the world or staying in the country, you should always have a camera with you to capture moments! If you’re a blogger this is even more important. Who doesn’t love blogging about their adventures?

Toiletry Bag&Toiletries:

So of course you need to bring your essential toiletries (deodorant, hair products, makeup, toothbrush etc) and a toiletry bag keeps them all safe and organised! You can get some beautiful ones in Primark which again don’t break the budget! If you’re restricted to the size of your toiletries then never fear, so many now come in travel size so you’re sorted!

Hair accessories:

Pretty hair accessories are fab! They can add to an outfit and when you can’t be bothered to do your hair they make it look acceptable! Scrunchies are some of our favourites, especially this one we purchased from the lovelies over at Prarie Charms! We have also recently purchased some fab scrunchies from Topshop and Primark so make sure you take a look.


So when we were younger our Mum always used to buy us a ‘Holiday Diary’, so that at the end of each day we could write what we’d done! Fair enough photos are a great way to keep memories but looking back at diary entries really helps you to re live the moment. Plus taking a diary is an excuse to buy pretty stationary, just like these super cute princess pens!

So there you go, those are our holiday essentials! What are yours?! If you’re off on holiday soon we hope you have a fab time!
– L & R

10 thoughts on “Holiday Essentials!

  1. Loving the Disney pens!! When I was travelling I kept a holiday diary, just where I wrote the highlights of each day, and then when I had more time I wrote it out in full 🙂
    Loved this post, especially love the outside pictures, such a nice touch!


  2. The holiday diary thing is such a cute idea! I remember I made a couple of scrap books with my mum for our holidays keeping the most random things including ice cream wrappers #foodpriorities 😉 great post girls xxxx


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