Lush Mayday Bath Bomb | Rachel

Every time I head into Lush I can never make my mind up about what bath bombs I want to try out (an employee even recognises us two in our local store now because of how indecisive I am)! But when I saw May Day in person I knew I had to have it! First of all, it’s such an adorable bath bomb shaped like a badger and being an animal lover, of course I needed it! Another thing that drew me to it is the price. It’s so affordable for £2.95 for what I’d say is quite a big bath bomb! Not only that but all of the proceeds from the product (minus the VAT) go towards the Votes For Animals campaign, which is an amazing cause to give animals a voice!

Lauren and I had mixed views on the smell of the bath bomb. A lot of people think it smells like liquorice and sherbet but to us it smells like marshmallows (or Flumps according to Lauren)! Packed with Rosewood oil, Bergamot oil and Fennel oil, it has a light, sweet and uplifting scent!

After dropping May Day into the water, it fizzed quite nicely and left the water with black and white foam on top. Although once the bath bomb had stopped fizzing, the water was just clear with a few black swirls. Of course, nothing really exciting was expected from this product considering the colour, but I did hope that the foam would stay a little longer so I wasn’t just left with a clear bath. The ‘marshmallow’ scent also wasn’t as strong for me once in the water which is sad because the bomb seriously smells amazing!

The most exciting thing about this bathbomb (although I already knew, and now you will too!) is the little surprise note you are left with once the bomb has dissolved.


It’s so cute and I’m going to keep it! If you’re like myself and love a colourful, exciting bath, this product may not be at the top of your list! However, it leaves your skin feeling so silky and smooth and for such a small price it’s so worth it as you’re helping out the animals! I’d say it left a really slight scent on my skin, not as much as I would’ve liked but it does the job!

This product is limited edition and was available through last May. However, in some stores it is still available (I didn’t buy this in May and I’m pretty sure they always have it in our local store!) and if not, there’s no doubt Lush will be bringing it back again next year!

Do you have any Lush bath bomb favourites that I need try try? Let me know in the comments!



12 thoughts on “Lush Mayday Bath Bomb | Rachel

  1. Aww Rachel I love the post! This is one of my fave Lush bath bombs and I’m so sad that in my local lush shops they are all gone and I’ve used up the ones I bought – sad times!

    Sarah xx


  2. Awwww, this is so cute! I might have to get me one of these, I actually can’t remember the last time I bought anything from Lush!
    Great review 🙂
    Kirsty xx


  3. Ahh, I’m gutted I missed this when it was in the shops, especially with it helping the animals.

    Is there any other bombs you would recommend? I always struggle in Lush as loads of them have glitter and it’s my pet hate! This one looks so simple so it would have been right up my street!

    Blogger & The Geek


    • No way I love glitter! I can’t lie I’ve only tried two so far but one was butterball. It’s plain and simple, no glitter or colour but smells amazing! I reviewed it on here if you want to know a bit more! I’m planning on getting some exclusive bath bombs form lush Oxford Street!


    • A lot of people say liquorice but to us it really smells like marshmallows! If you can get it then let us know what you think it smells like haha! In our store they always have it but I do think they bring it out in May hence why it’s called May Day. Thanks lovely! Xx


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