Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Polishes!

So whether you’re a blogger, a nail polish lover or even both, you’re likely to have heard about Barry M’s quick drying range of polishes. Now we won’t lie, we tried these out when they first came out and were a little disappointed with the formula. That being said, they recently brought out new colours and we thought, why not give it another go?! We’d been eyeing up these two colours for a little while and finally decided to buy them.

The Speedy Quick Dry range features a total of 15 polishes, the majority of them being pastel shades! The polishes all have names that centre around the theme ‘speedy’, the two we picked up are named Supersonic and Speed Demon! They are priced at £3.99 each, which is pretty reasonable considering the prices of some other polishes out there.  First of all the packaging really stands out to us and we love how the chequered lid again fits in with the theme! Another bonus is the new flat brush! Finally! Compared to the much thinner brushes on the other Barry M nail polishes, this makes it so much easier to apply the product!

Rachel- Supersonic

I’ve been through a bit of a pastel phase when it comes to buying nail varnish recently and I decided to go back to my old ways! I used to only wear dark colours for a start and I loved a good sparkle! I was undecided when this shade was introduced by Barry M, as I LOVE it but it’s so eccentric and ‘immature’ to me (this is because I used to have a thing for sparkles when I was a lot younger, admittedly, I still do!)! I decided to take a risk and boy, am I glad I did! It’s a deep electric blue with a vague purple shimmer when it hits the light, just look at those sparkles! I can honestly say this is the best colour nail polish I’ve bought in a long time!

Lauren – Speed Demon 

I usually go through stages with nail polish, one minute I’ll be rocking nudes, next it’s coral shades and then onto dark tones. When I saw Speed Demon I instantly fell in love with the colour and the fact that it has a hint of sparkle to it. Who doesn’t love sparkles?! They make me feel like a Disney Princess and I’ll take that any day! That being said it looks a lot lighter on your nails than it does in the bottle, but that’s not a big issue!

So of course, the big deal about these new nail polishes is that they supposedly dry at ‘lightning speed’. We can honestly say we didn’t have any problems with smudging our nails or waiting ages for them to dry! This is definitely what we’ve all been waiting for from Barry M, especially as us two are so impatient when it comes to letting our nails completely dry!


We’re really gutted to say that this time round we were still quite disappointed with the polishes. Unfortunately for us we found that both were full of air bubbles and when we applied them to our nails this was even more noticeable, especially in the Supersonic polish. You can see this in the picture below! For a lot of people this won’t matter but as we’re perfectionists it really bugged us. We like nail polishes to have a smooth finish but unfortunately, with the Supersonic polish there were so many bubbles that Rachel’s nails felt rough. Also we found that with Supersonic after two coats the polish was still sort of ‘see through’ and patchy. Out of the two polishes Speed Demon is the better of the two, although it is still sort of see through after two coats, the sparkles make it acceptable! That being said once again, the new flat brush is really great and the colours in this range are super pretty, so worth giving a try!

We really wanted it to be a positive review, so we’re a little bit gutted it didn’t go to plan! Have you tried any polishes from this range?! Have you had similar issues or do you know why we got the outcome we did? Please let us know either in the comments or on Twitter! Thanks so much for reading!
– L & R


11 thoughts on “Barry M Speedy Quick Dry Nail Polishes!

  1. Great post! I really like all the pastel colours in this range and had to buy them all. These are nice shades but I’m not a big sparkle fan so don’t think I’ll be adding them to my collection. I do really like the polishes and din’t have the air bubbles problem but I do think there are some better polishes out there for about the same price!

    Sarah xx


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