The Love/Hate Tag!


So as you probably know by now, (because we say it all the time!) we love letting our readers get to know more about us. We were recently nominated to do the ‘Love/Hate’ tag by Paris, thanks for thinking of us! The whole idea is simply to list 10 things you love and 10 things you hate. Since there’s two of us we’ll be doing 5 things each for both, as this could be a rather long post otherwise!


Love – 

1: Dr Martens – They will always be my go to shoes, it’s just a shame I can’t drive in them!

2: Dinosaurs – If you read our blog a lot you’ll already know this but I’m a tad obsessed!

3: Disney – The films, the characters, everything about the Disney franchise is magical.

4: Tennis – Surely everyone knows this by now?! That’s what you get when your Nan is tennis obsessed!

5: Going to gigs – I love the feeling you get when you go to a gig, the atmosphere is one of the best things.

Hate – 

1: Bananas – The texture makes me cringe oh and the smell, I can’t deal with the smell!

2: Needles – I may have a tattoo&some piercings but I cannot deal with needles, they freak me out!

3: Cobwebs – I park my car under our tree and every time I go to my car there are cobwebs everywhere, so annoying.

4: Split ends – To me there’s nothing more frustrating! You get your hair cut yet you still have some, eugh!

5: Cheese and Onion crisps – The smell of these, EW!


Love – 

1: Pizza – There’s nothing better than a Domino’s or Pizza Hut pizza! My favourites are pepperoni or Hawaiian (yeah, I’m one of those of weirdos)!

2: Animals – Cute animals are my weakness and I’ll never ever get my head around how anybody can abuse an animal.

3: Minions – The Minions from the ‘Despicable Me’ films are adorable and I’m obsessed! I have countless amounts of socks and pyjamas with them on!

4: My camera – I’m lucky to own a DSLR and it’s my baby! It’s my favourite camera I’ve ever owned and I take all our blog pictures with it!

5: Texas BBQ Sauce Pringles – I’m sitting here eating them as I type so they had to be on here! They’re addictive and I can eat a whole tub to myself.

Hate – 

1: Mushrooms – They taste awful, they look awful and the texture is so squidgy and gross! It’s like eating slugs to me, ew!

2: When people bend the spines of books – People say bending the spine of a book shows it’s well loved but I can’t stand it! I can’t even explain why!!

3: Bugs – I hate ALL bugs and I can’t bear them being near me! I think it’s because they’re so small and can go anywhere, you turn away for 2 seconds and they’ve disappeared! *Shivers*

4: Writer’s block – There’s nothing worse than going to write a new blog post and staring at the screen not knowing where to start!

5: Nutella – Everyone loves this stuff and I can’t stand it! It’s horrible! I didn’t mind our Nutella cheesecake only because it didn’t taste too strong and that’s the only exception!

 Thanks again Paris for nominating us! Now we nominate – Sarah, Charlotte, Kirsty, Laura, Angie, Ellie, Elle, Lauren, Michelle and Ariel! Make sure you let us know when you’ve done the Love/Hate tag!

Let us know if any of you love or hate the same things as us in the comments!

-Lauren & Rachel

16 thoughts on “The Love/Hate Tag!

  1. Lauren…I don’t know if I should tell you this, but apparently if there’s cobwebs next to your wingmirror it means a nasty ol’ spider is living inside! Eeeeeek! Thanks for the nomination, looking forward to doing this one!
    Kirsty xx


  2. Great post! How can you not like cheese and onion crisps Lauren, they’re my fave! Ahh, I need to try the Texas BBQ sauce Pringles they sound delish! I love this tag, thank you so much for the nomination 🙂 xx


  3. I don’t like nutella or bananas either! Split ends annoy me too, I keep picking at mine! Thank you for the tag, mine will be up soon 🙂 xx


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  5. Yay! Thanks for my nomination girls, I have a feeling this is going to be a fun post to do 🙂 I completely agree with you Lauren about everything related to Disney being magical. I can’t wait to get a job so that I can save up and finally take my sister, she won’t know what’s hit her! 🙂 Can’t believe you don’t LOVE cheese and onion crisps, I am seriously worried how much longer we can be friends 😉 Rach, I totally think the same thing about mushrooms, found a piece of one, once in my Dominoes, and freaked out thinking it was a shrivelled up plaster haha they just look gross. Thanks again for nominating me 🙂 xxxxx


      • Okay, so I basically can’t be friends with either of you now! 😉 They’re especially yummy with hummus. And yep, I didn’t eat the rest, it was left over and everyone at work was examining it, wondering what it was haha xxxx


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