Lazy Baking! | Chocolate Piñata Cupcake Kit

As people who enjoy baking but can’t be bothered with the hassle of buying and weighing out ingredients, we decided we’d try out a cupcake kit! This is something we haven’t used in years but we enjoyed using these with our mum as children! When we saw the photos on the box we knew we had to try this one! Chocolate cakes are always a winner but these have chocolate inside too, that’s even better! This kit was £2 from Asda and we thought we’d show you whether the kit is as good as it looks!

What’s Inside:

Inside the box is the chocolate cake mix, chocolate frosting mix, chocolate beans and paper cupcake cases. All we needed was an egg, water and butter! The kit states that it provides enough ingredients to make 6 cupcakes!

Making the Cakes:

On the back of the box are some simple cooking instructions. To make the cakes all we had to do was add some water and an egg to the cupcake mix! Easy! We divided the mixture into the cases, shoved them in the oven for 15 minutes and took them out to cool down.While they cooled we made the chocolate butter icing by adding butter to the frosting mix.

Then came the tricky part! We had to carefully cut holes in the top of the cakes, fill them with chocolate beans and cover them back up. By the time we got to the 4th cake cutting the holes got a little easier. Then came our favourite bit, decorating the cakes! We used a piping bag to do this, although as you can see we aren’t too good at piping! We then scattered the remaining chocolate beans over the top!

Okay so now comes the bit you’ve all been waiting for, are they as good as they sound?! Well we’ve put together a few pros/cons of this kit so here we go;


Overall the cakes rose really well and although it didn’t look like there was that much mixture, we probably could’ve made another cake out of it!


Unfortunately, we felt it would’ve been better if there were more beans! We also ran out of icing so weren’t able to ice the sixth cake.

Now onto the taste! We’d say they are quite rich and can be rather sickly! That being said I (Lauren) do not usually like cake however, I though these tasted amazing. Whereas I (Rachel) wasn’t as keen at first as they do have a little bit of a strange after-taste as they are so rich! The cakes had a light and fluffy texture and they were not dry at all! The icing was so chocolatey and tasted just like home made stuff.

We decided to cut into the cupcakes and see if the chocolate beans really did fall out like a piñata and yeah, they pretty much did! We would recommend putting more chocolate beans in the cakes as opposed to on the cakes, as like we said, the pack doesn’t include a many as we’d have liked!

Overall we really enjoyed making these cakes, although we’re not sure whether we’d buy the kit again. This is purely because we tend to have all the ingredients needed in the cupboard already, and therefore it would work out cheaper to make them from scratch for us! It also only makes six cakes, so if you’re greedy like us or you’re making them for guests, you may want to buy two kits! However, If you enjoy baking without the fuss then we’d recommend buying the kit, as it’s super easy and the cakes were so yummy! If you try this one out, let us know what you think in the comments or over on Twitter! Thanks for reading!

– L & R


17 thoughts on “Lazy Baking! | Chocolate Piñata Cupcake Kit

  1. These look yummy! So simple but brilliant and clever at the same time 💗 🙂 I have a little sister and she would LOVE these at her birthday party, to surprise all her friends, would probably do the same as you and try and make them with ingredients at home 🙂 xxx


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