Staying Motivated To Exercise

So many people struggle when it comes to sticking to exercise. Motivation can be a big struggle when you have 100 different things going on in your life! Since Lauren started University in September and began a PT (personal training) course we have both tried to workout at least 3 times a week. Sticking to exercise can be super hard but we have some tips to try and help you out!

What Do You Want to Achieve?:

The first step to staying motivated is working out what you want to achieve and your reasons for exercising. If you’re not exercising for a purpose you’re likely to give up within a few weeks. Do you want to tone up, build muscle or change your body image? These are things you need to think of! Deciding what it is you want from exercising will allow you to set goals which brings us onto our next tip!

Set Goals:

Goal setting is a huge part of staying motivated. However if your goals are not  realistic they will not be achievable, in turn this can cause you to feel down about yourself. The negative emotions that arise from this situation will mean that motivation levels are likely to drop.  Another scenario that can occur from unrealistic goals is that you can push yourself too far in order to achieve them.This can result in injury, meaning you will be even further from your goal in the long run. Therefore, make sure your goals are challenging for you but they are realistic!

Buy New Gym Wear:

Everyone loves buying new stuff and for us there is nothing better than a new pair of gym leggings or trainers. Buying clothes that you feel comfortable in are also more likely to make you want to exercise, as it’s an excuse to wear your new bits! If you’re on a budget it’s good to remember that you don’t always need to buy clothes from the big brands. Loads of stores keep bringing out their own gym wear and we have to say H&M and Primark stock some amazing bits!

Change Your Workouts Up:

It’s important that you do not continue to do the same workout 4 times a week for the rest of your life, not only will it become boring but you’re likely to stop seeing results. You can find so many different exercises online, body weight exercises are fun as well as using dumbbells. Don’t be afraid to google different workout ideas and finding videos always helps, it allows you to make sure you’re performing it right!

Put Together A Workout Playlist:

Exercising to the sound of silence is BORING! If you can put together a playlist that is full of songs which get you pumped that’s great! We find that House music tends to do the trick however lately we’ve been listening to ‘PVRIS’ album which is rock! Songs that have a beat you can exercise along to work really well!

Find A Workout Buddy:

So many people find exercising on their own scary or boring. Us included! Finding a friend or family member that is happy to work out with you is great for staying motivated and making exercise fun. If you’re struggling to complete an exercise your work out partner can be there to help motivate you and get you through it. If you can’t find somebody, there are ways around this! If you can afford to have a personal trainer they can put you through your paces as well as making the workout up for you and being there for support. If not there are loads of workout DVDs which you can do at home!

Short Bursts Are Acceptable!:

Not everyone has the sort of lifestyle where they can spend a few hours in the gym 5 times a week, us included. Exercising in short bursts is completely fine, it’s just important that you challenge yourself in this time frame so perhaps up the intensity! Exercises such as JPC’s (Jumping Jacks, Press ups, Climbers) are great for this as they can be performed quickly and are working a range of areas!

We hope that you have found this post both interesting and beneficial. If you have any questions regarding what exercises may help you achieve your goal or any other tips you can leave us a comment, or tweet us!

– L & R


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