My First Lush Bath Bomb Experience! | Butterball

I’m (Rachel) a shower person, and I’ll be honest with you, until now I hadn’t had a bath since I was little! But everyone raves about how amazing lush bath bombs are, and you only need to take a peek inside the shops to see how vibrant and amazing they look, not to forget the smells! If you saw our latest Lush haul post I recently bought the Butterball bath bomb. I’d read about it and how it’s good for dry skin and seeing as I suffer with eczema I thought I had to give it ago!

First of all it’s such a simple and cute bath bomb and the smell is lovely! It’s made with Cocoa Butter and you can see the little chunks of it in there! It’s definitely that which gives it it’s super sweet smell. It’s not too strong and it sort of reminds me of vanilla cupcakes in some way!

Now I can’t lie to you, when I used this I was a tad disappointed, seeing as though it was my first ever time to try a Lush bath bomb! However, I do think maybe for my first one it was probably just a bad choice!

The bad part, it fizzed quite nicely, but not as much as I’d thought. I thought that it might fizzle and make the water white and bubbly, but instead the chunks of cocoa butter broke off and turned to oil that sat on the clear water. I guess the point of the bath bomb itself is mainly to help dry skin so I’ll leave the spectacular ‘explosion’ of colours to the other bath bombs that I hope to try!

And of course, the good bits! Now I was expecting the cocoa butter chunks to break off so I could use them on my skin, but instead as mentioned, they turned to oil. This isn’t a bad thing though, as the oily water left my skin feeling really, really smooth (be aware of how slippery it makes the bath though!)! The product didn’t smell as strong in the water, although I loved how it wasn’t too overpowering and I did find it really relaxing! The smell of this product really is to die for!

Jessie was also intrigued! 

I would definitely consider buying this product again as I loved how smooth it made my skin feel in and out of the water, I didn’t want to get out of the bath! For my first ever Lush bath bomb I found it enjoyable to watch it fizz in the water and I really felt like a kid again!! I’m now looking forward to buying more bright and colourful ones in the future and I can say I’ll be taking a lot more baths from now on thanks to Lush!

If you have any favourite bath bombs from Lush that you think I should try out make sure you let me know in the comments!

– Rachel

9 thoughts on “My First Lush Bath Bomb Experience! | Butterball

  1. I hadn’t had a bath for a long time! Showers are easier and better for rinsing long hair. However, when we moved into our new apartment, I treated myself to a bath bomb from Lush (I tried – and can recommend for fizz and colour – Fizzbanger).

    I still only have a bath once a week at the most, but I like to stock up on treats like bubble bars and bath bombs. Lush is fantastic but not always suited to my budget so I’ve bought some Wilko Fruits bath bombs to try out soon.


  2. Great review Rachel! I suffer from really dry skin and I love this bath bomb too. I’m addicted to having baths but I move furniture into the bathroom, set up the laptop to watch Game of Thrones and it’s a bit of a spectacle! My fave Lush bath bombs are Big Blue & Avobath!

    Sarah xx


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