The Body shop Mojito and Green Tea Purchases!

By now you must all know how much we love anything from Lush or The Body Shop and today we are bringing to you some items from The Body Shop’s new Mojito range, as well as their Fuji Green Tea range! We picked up a few small treats for ourselves as we’ve been trying super hard to save! These are some of our favourite items we’ve bought in a while and they smell like heaven!

Mojito Range:

Body Butter = £5

Shower Gel = £4

First up we have the shower gel and the body butter from the Mojito range! We were so excited when this range came out as it’s something a little bit different. It has quite a strong citrus/zesty smell which is rather refreshing and perfect for summer! The new range has some cool new stuff in it which includes a ‘body splash’ which you can splash on your skin after a shower for a refreshing feeling. Perhaps that’s something to consider buying! 

We aren’t a fan of body butters that leaving your skin feeling sticky after, luckily the mojito body butter doesn’t do this. Instead your skin is left feeling super soft. The scent of the mojito body butter is also quite strong and stays on your skin for a while which is also great! However, as the scent is quite strong it may be a good idea to only wear mojito products on their own. Layering them with other scents may be overpowering or just not smell right! The shower gel also lathers really well and has the same amazing smell as the body butter, although we wish it was just a tad stronger!

Fuji Green Tea Range:

Body Butter = £5

Body Wash = £6

I (Lauren) love drinking Green Tea so when The Body Shop bought this range out I spent ages debating whether to buy some or not. In the end we went for it and picked up these two! Safe to say we aren’t disappointed! It’s super hard to describe the scent of these products although the smell is quite subtle and fresh. It kind of reminds us of facial moisturiser or toner, maybe we have a weird sense of smell?!

Out of the two body butters we bought this one would have to be our favourite as the smell is not too overpowering, meaning that you are able to wearing perfumes/body sprays over the top without all the scents clashing. Also look at how beautiful the colour of the packaging is! Well done Body Shop we’re loving the duck egg! There isn’t much to say about the shower gel other than the fact that it also smells beautiful, just like the whole range. We also think the bottle for this is so simple yet classy, making it look like the body wash is worth a lot more!

Have you bought any products from either of these ranges yet?! We can’t wait to see what else The Body Shop have in store in the future as their products have got even better lately! Thanks again for reading and we’ll see you soon!

– L & R


14 thoughts on “The Body shop Mojito and Green Tea Purchases!

  1. This is so good to hear about! I always forget about Body Shop and head straight for Lush, but when their stuff looks this yummy, I’m definitely going to make sure to head there soon. The body splash sounds amazing!

    Bowie-xx 💕


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