How We Keep On Track / Garlands for Gosh!

At some point everyone must struggle with keeping on top of ‘blog stuff’, whether it’s writing new posts or coming up with ideas, it can be hard sometimes! So today we thought that we’d give you an insight as to what helps us stay on track. We hope that reading this will give you a helping hand if that’s what you need.

Have a work station:

One thing we find beneficial is having a ‘work station’ where all of our blogging essentials can be easily accessed. This allows you to be organised and for us it improves our flow of ideas. Making sure your work space has all your essentials and is full of personal items can make blogging more enjoyable. It allows you to work in a more comfortable environment and in turn make you feel more relaxed. Personally we also find listening to music whilst at our work station really helps the ‘creative juices’ flow! However, that can depend on the individual, as we know a few people who can only write in silence! Whilst at our work station we also make sure that we have plenty of snacks and water, nobody can work on an empty stomach!

Go back to the past:

Going back through your older posts can really help you to decide which style of post you like writing, as well which type of posts are more popular with readers. We do this a lot as it can give you an insight to what kind posts your readers enjoy and what will be successful! Looking through older posts can also help you to improve on writing for posts as well as your photography. Remember not to worry about views too much though, as your blog is for you, although if you’re looking to beat targets this is really helpful! Which brings us onto our next helpful tip!

Set Goals:

Admit it, everybody wants their posts to be read. It can be a little dissapointing when a post you’re really proud of gets no views. We often set ourselves targets of how many visitors we want to achieve and see if we can beat it every month! It can be fun, but try not to be upset if you don’t reach or beat your target, there’s always next time!

Keep a ‘blogging book’:

Recently, we decided to pick up some notebooks so that we were able to jot down any thoughts on products, ideas for new posts and the names and dates of previous posts. We find them so useful for keeping track of our ideas and developing them! Getting thoughts down on paper is beneficial, as it means you don’t have to rely on yourself remembering all the information you need! If we ever need an idea for a post, we know we can turn to our books for a last resort, we have all sorts jotted down! We always write down our thoughts on a product we want to review as soon as we use them. Our blogging books are always with us whenever we start a new post! We also find using colour pens help to make your ideas stand out from the page.

Don’t force posts:

We’ve all been there, you feel like you need to get a post out in the next few days, so you sit in front of the computer for hours struggling to put words on the page. We personally feel that forcing ourselves to write is a big no. We’ve tried this in the past and the quality of our posts just wasn’t as good! Again, some people may write better when they force themselves as we are all different! Also, we haven’t given ourselves a strict schedule regarding posts. Although having a schedule as to when you put your posts up helps some people, we personally feel that it puts pressure on us and ruins our blogging experience. For us, blogging is meant to be fun, we don’t want to associate it with stress as it’s something that makes us happy!

We would also like to mention that we received our beautiful garland that we bought from Prairie Charms, as part of their ‘Garlands For Gosh’ campaign! 10% of the each sale goes to Great Ormond Street’s Kiss it Better Campaign. This is another reason as to why we wanted to buy a garland, as it’s a great cause.We have this hanging up above our little ‘work station’ as the beautiful colours catch our eye and having pretty things around us helps to inspire us when writing. We picked the colours ourselves and we’re so happy with how it turned out! We’ve also decided that our garland could be used in future posts to make them look more exciting!

What keeps you inspired to create new posts for your blog? Hopefully these tips have helped you, as we find that they are really beneficial for us! Thanks for reading guys!

– L & R


15 thoughts on “How We Keep On Track / Garlands for Gosh!

  1. Your workstation is adorable! Mine is nowhere near as cute, but it definitely does help to have a designated space for blogging. Great post loves!


  2. Hello – this is the first time I’ve come across your blog (via #ltbloggers). Love your writing style, nice and relatable! I’ve just followed, keep up the great work 🙂


  3. This was a great read! I really need to buy myself some kind of notebook/diary! Whenever I have an idea for a post I just write the title and brief notes on what I’m going to write and then save it as a draft post on blogger 🙂 My “work station” is currently my bed! Haha, need to sort something out!



  4. Thanks so much for writing this, it’s been really helpful! I also find that forcing posts or sticking to a schedule can make blogging seem like a chore so I try to post twice a week but on whichever day I can. The garland is so so pretty, it really brightens up the room!! Hope you’re having a great day!

    -Nabeela xo


  5. I have a calendar with monthly view and use post-it stickers to plan out which blog posts are to be written and posted 🙂

    I definitely should work more on my “workstation” hehe 🙂 I’m mostly sitting on the couch while blogging ^^

    Sassy |


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