The SOTW Bloggers Award| 2015


So a few days ago we were nominated by the lovelies over at Embrace The Light for the ‘Sisterhood Of The World’ Bloggers Award! It’s similar to the Liebster Award that we answered a few months ago. Thank you girlies for nominating us, we love doing stuff like this as we feel that it allows you all to get to know us better! We have been given a set of 10 questions to answer so here goes;

1) What is something you can’t leave the house without?

Lauren: It has to be my phone. I literally take it everywhere with me it sounds so bad but I cannot function without it, that means I have an obsession right?! I just don’t like the idea of not being able to contact someone in case of an emergency.

Rachel: I’d say my phone too. I don’t really use it when I’m out but I have to have it in case of an emergency! I also like to have it with me if I don’t have my camera. You never know what you’ll see when you’re out so its always good to have your phone camera at least!

2) Tell us one of your happiest moments.

Lauren: I know the question says just one but I cannot narrow it down to that. There are so many but I’ll share a few, One of the most recent happy moments I’ve had was passing my driving test last year. I really struggle with my nerves and as I had a few issues when learning to drive it meant the world to me when I passed.  Another of my happiest moments was finally getting to see my favourite band Thirty Seconds To Mars in concert at the 02 arena. I felt such an overwhelming sense of excitement and happiness!

Rachel: Similar to Lauren, one of my happiest moments was finally seeing my favourite band, Young Guns, in concert! I also met Simon, the bassist and that’s something I’ll never forget!

3) What’s the best play/film you’ve ever seen?

Lauren: I haven’t actually seen any plays! I also can’t choose what the best film I’ve ever seen is! That being said I’m a huge fan of Disney films, Beauty And The Beast and The Lion King are two of my absolute favourites!

Rachel: I love way too many films, it would be impossible to narrow it down to one. I love anything Disney and my favourites are Ratatouille, Tangled and Finding Nemo! I’m also a huge fan of Marvel and the Spider-Man and X-Men films are my favourites!

4) As a kid what did you want to be when you were older?

Lauren: I always wanted to be a teacher growing up. Still to this day I want a career in teaching hence why I’m studying at University.

Rachel: There were so many things I wanted to be when I was younger, a zoo keeper, a teacher, a vet, then when I got a bit older I wanted to be a photographer! I guess that’s why I still don’t really know exactly what I want to do now…

5) What is your favourite style tip?

Lauren: I wouldn’t say I have a style tip, but when I have my hair down I like to add a cute plait in the side or a hair accessory just to stop my hair from looking plain.

Rachel: I don’t really have any but I never leave the house without a few chokers, so I guess that’s my style tip! It just makes an outfit a bit more interesting. If I forget to wear one I’ll feel so weird for that day!

6) Do you have a favourite pair of shoes?

Lauren: Please don’t make me pick! I have SO many pairs of trainers/boots every pair I own are special in their own way. I look after them so well they’re like my pets! I sound so sad but on a serious note my shoe collection is extremely treasured.

Rachel: I honestly couldn’t pick a favourite pair! I love all of my Doc Martens but I also love my Spider-Man Vans. Ahhh, Next question!

7) What’s the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

Lauren: Don’t let other peoples negativity get to you and always be yourself!

Rachel: My memory doesn’t go this far and I’m sure somebody’s given me some amazing advice but I really don’t remember!

8) What’s your favourite foodie treat?

Lauren: Depends what mood I’m in really. Sometimes I’ll just want chocolate and reach straight for Dairy Milk fruit and nut, other times I’ll want savoury foods. Garlic bread, pizza, cheese scones? Mmmmmmm!!!

Rachel: I’m definitely more of a sweet person and I love any sweets or chocolate! I love food and again, I can’t choose just one food!

9) Who is your inspiration?

Lauren: Many of our family members are inspirations for me, our mum in particular. No matter what she always does our best to be there for us through exam stress/ teenage worries you name it she’ll try her hardest to help! I hope that when I’m older and have children I too can be a great mum like her!

Rachel: There’s so many people who inspire me for different reasons! If I had to sit here and go through each one we’d be here a long time!

10) What are your hopes for the next year?

Lauren: I’m hoping that this time next year I will have finished my second year of University with a really good grade. Also hoping that I will have saved at least half of the money I need for a potential trip!

Rachel: Hopefully by next year I will have passed my course at college so I can get out and go to Uni! I also want to attempt to save more money.

So here are our 10 questions:

1) Name one place in the world you would like to visit and tell us why!

2) What’s your favourite topic to blog about?

3) Do you have any pets, if so how many/what are their names?

4) What is your favourite social media site that you use for your blog?

5) What are your 3 top tips for summer?

6) What made you start up your blog?

7)  Do you have a favourite online store to buy stuff from?

8) Do you have a favourite TV show, if so what is it?

9) As our blog name is from a movie quote, have you got any favourite quotes? If so, what are they and why?

10) Now share the love! Tell us some of your favourite bloggers!

We nominate the lovely Charlotte, Ellie, Thirzah, JennySarah, Elle, Michelle and Angie to answer our questions, create 10 questions of your own and nominate up to 10 more bloggers to answer them!

We hope you all enjoyed getting to know us more! We shall see you soon for another new post!

– L&R


5 thoughts on “The SOTW Bloggers Award| 2015

  1. Hey lovelies!

    Love your answers!! And your happiest moments are so lovely- congratulations Lauren on passing your driving test!! And I’m glad I’m not the only one addicted to my phone!!

    Love, Kimmy xxx


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