Summer Mystery Bag | Prairie Charms

Last week we received our first ever order from Prairie Charms, a £5 Summer mystery bag! Prairie Charms sell the cutest accessories from bows to headbands and for such a small price, we knew we had to get one of these! For the amazing price of £5, we were sent all these lovely items which included the most beautiful scrunchie, everyone loves a scrunchie right?!

Straws & Washi Tape-

As well as accessories, the online shop sells a range of craft items and we were so excited to see these in the bag! We received some straws and some washi tape which are both so cute and we love the patterns on them. We were so pleased to receive some unique items so that we could write a different sort of blog post on them in future. Perhaps we will use the straws for a drinks recipe and the washi tape to hang pretty photos up on a memory board!


It was so nice to find a piece of jewellery in our mystery bag, it’s another piece to add to our collections! This item is in a style that we wouldn’t normally pick up if we saw it in person. However, we love the simplicity and the fact that the gem is mint green which is one of our favourite colours. We can’t wait to style it with different Summer outfits for future posts and to wear it with basic clothes to add a nice touch.

Hair Accessories-

What we were most excited to receive were these adorable hair accessories! We always find that something as simple as a hair bow or scrunchie can really complete an outfit or even save you from a bad hair day! It also prevents your hair from looking dull and can add a bit of sparkle to any outfit.

First up is this gorgeous hair bow which we both fell in love with. It’s so sparkly and it’s such a pretty light blue colour! We only had one problem with this item and that was that the pin was quite stiff, meaning we therefore found it hard to get it in the correct place (hence why it’s slightly in front of Lauren’s hairband). That being said, we’re sure it will be easier to work with over time and it gives such a beautiful look to a boring pony tail!

Surprisingly, this was one of our most favourite items we received. We don’t generally wear flowers in our hair but the colour is so beautiful and the ‘alligator’ clip is so easy to use! We thought it looked perfect with a simple plait and gave a really summery look! As we both use to wear flowers in our hair when we were in our early teens, this took us back and at least now we know how to style them properly!

This hair scrunchie is such a pretty design and as soon as we saw it in the bag, we both knew it was going to be our favourite product! Scrunchies are so effortless to use and this one looks so pretty and it works a charm when you only have time to throw your hair up! I (Rachel) have used this on many occasions now and it’s made me feel a lot more confident going out with my hair up! I definitely think we’ll be investing in some more scrunchies in the future!

 They have so much pretty stuff on their store, including a tonne of bows in all sorts of different colours and styles! The new Prairie Charms Summer collection will be launching soon, so if you like the look of any of these products be sure to go check them out!

– Rachel & Lauren

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