A Day in the Life|MCM London Comic Con May 2015


On Sunday we went to MCM Comic Con in London! If you haven’t heard of it before, it’s the UK’s biggest convention for all things comics, anime, gaming, TV and film. What makes it so exciting is that almost everyone cosplays (or dresses up!) so it’s fun to see people walk around in the most impressive outfits and a lot of people also get so into their characters!


For my 4th MCM, I (Rachel) chose to dress up as one of my favourite female wrestlers, Paige. It was a fun and simple outfit to put together and didn’t involve any sewing (which I am terrible at!) On the other hand, I (Lauren) dressed up as Alice from the game ‘Alice: Madness Returns’ if you haven’t played it you really should it’s one of my favourite games along with Lara Croft! It was my second time at MCM and I enjoyed it even more than the first!


This photo gives you a better idea of our outfits for the day. My (Lauren) outfit was made by my uncles mum as I’m awful with sewing, the apron was made and she sewed some bits onto my dress! I should of popped a photo of the back of my dress in as there is a super cool bowl with skull detail!


This year at MCM, the Batmobile for the new Batman: Arkham Knight game was unveiled. It looked pretty cool and was huge in person! Sorry it isn’t the best photo I (Lauren) had to push my way through to even be able to see it (short people problems!). They also had the car from the Mad Max game which was also pretty cool to see!


Other attractions at the event included panels that involved Q&As with special guests such as Tyler James Williams from ‘The Walking Dead’. There were also opportunities to meet the stars and buy a photo/autograph. Unfortunately we didn’t actually get time to meet anyone this year! There was also a chance to play some of the upcoming games before their release such as ‘Splatoon’, which Rachel and our cousin got to try out on the Wii U.


Walking round we saw this guy, Chewbacca! If you don’t know who he is where have you been hiding?!?! We’ve grown up on Star Wars, our whole family loves it so it was pretty cool to see someone in this really cool suit. Imagine how hot it must have been in there though! We’ve gotta admit this was one of the best outfits we saw all day, we had to show you all as we were pretty impressed, it even made sounds like Chewbacca when it lifted it’s head!


The convention is mainly full of things to buy, from stalls which sell figures, comics, clothes and a whole tonne of other geeky stuff, to the comic village where you can find artists, have a chat and buy some of their work! You can also get drawings done of you in your costume in manga style and Rachel’s boyfriend Joe even got himself drawn as a sloth! Of course we had to spend a little bit of money, so here’s what we got:



So considering I forgot half my money for the convention and was left with £6 to spend I don’t think I did too bad! The first bits I bought were some prints, I love them as they tend to only be a couple of pounds and they are all different. Beauty and the Beast is my favourite Disney film so I had to pick up the Belle print and Pokemon is my childhood so this print had to come home with me too! Hello Panda are my favourite biscuits in the whole world so when I found them for £1 I had to get some. I’m so gutted that I didn’t pick up any more boxes as they are so yummy I can’t even explain how good they taste!



The first thing I got was a Spider-Man hair bow. It’s the cutest thing and I’ve never seen anyone wear one like this before, I had to get it! I also got some Marvel festival style wristbands which I thought were pretty cool! And of course I bought some Pocky (which are of course open in these photos because I could not help myself from opening them soon after I got them!)! I can never go to MCM without buying some after a friend who loves Japanese culture introduced them to me!


I also got these prints by the artist Blue-Fayt. Her work is amazing and it was lovely to have a chat with her and have a look through her portfolio! I usually spend so much money there but I tried to stop myself from spending all of my money on comics this time!

MCM is on twice a year (May and October) and we’ll most likely be going again next time! If you’re into comics, sci-fi or gaming, it’s something you definitely need to go to! And don’t worry, if dressing up isn’t your cup of tea you don’t have to, but it’s always good to throw on a geeky t-shirt!

-Rachel & Lauren

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