5 Years of MUA! | Haul

If you have been reading our blog for a while you will know that we are huge fans of reasonably priced make up. Make Up Academy are one brand which are well known for their amazing prices and they have just celebrated their 5th birthday! In order to celebrate this we thought we’d pick up some products to try out and let you guys know what we think!

Nail Polishes: 

L to R: White Wash/ Bright Coral/ Lavender/ Ultramarine – £1 each 

Priced at just £1 these polishes come in a cute little bottle that reminds us of Essie polishes. MUA sells a large variety of different colours but these 4 really caught our eye. Overall the formula for the polish is quite thin, meaning you need to apply a few coats. The brushes are also quite thin due to the bottles being small, which means it’s hard to get an even coverage. That being said, the colours they sell are extremely vibrant and the Bright Coral in particular really stands out and only needed two coats! The Lavender polish, on the other hand, wasn’t entirely what we expected as it was more of an off white shade than Lavender. However, for just £1 you’re getting great value for money and we really recommend you try them as we found we had no air bubbles, which we often get from more expensive brands!

Matte Lipsticks:

Totally Nude: £1

For us, matte lipsticks are a big yes! We thought that both of these shades were beautiful, especially for Spring and for £1 per lipstick what’s the worst that could happen?! One issue we had was that without using a lip scrub or balm before use our lips looked quite dry and the product didn’t go on too evenly. On the other hand, when applying them after using those products, the finish of the lipstick was somewhat shiny as opposed to matte. However, the actual quality of the lipsticks are good and we also think the packaging is simple yet professional. Again for £1 you honestly can’t go wrong as they sell a wide range of different shades both matte and glossy!

Peachy Keen: £1

Sweet Sheen Lip Balms:

Peach Dream: £2

A Spring/Summer essential for us has definitely got to be a tinted lip balm that has a nice hint of colour to it. Initially we only managed to pick up ‘Peach Dream’ however, Rachel managed to find ‘Cherry Bomb’ a few days later (hence why it’s not in the first image). These lip balms remind us of the Barry M Gelly Hi Shine crayons as they give your lips a glossy look. The balm glides on so easily and leaves your lips feeling super soft whilst giving it a little bit of colour. We like these lip balms just as much as the Barry M Cor Balmy ones that we spoke about in a previous post! Again for just £2 they’re worth trying out, they also sell another 4 shades which are all lovely!

Cherry Bomb: £2

Limited Edition 5th Birthday Eye Palette: £4

This is the eye palette that MUA created for their 5th birthday! It contains 12 different shades that are a mixture of mattes and shimmery tones.  We particularly liked the fact that there is a mixture of nudes, dark shades and metallic pastels. Each of the shadows are also so well pigmented as you can see from the photos below.  We can’t believe it is only priced at £4, as the quality of the eye shadow is really good and the packaging looks simple yet professional. You also get 12 eye shadows for such a good price! One downside to the packaging is that it is quite stiff to open, but this is probably due to the fact it is such a sturdy/strong design!

L-R: Taffy, Reveal, Peacherine, Penny

L-R: Fiery, Siren, Shell, Thistle

L-R:  Chino, Cool Grey, Obsessed, Smoke

Overall we are extremely happy with the products that we picked up and we will be looking out for more new products from Make Up Academy. Have you got any favourite products? We’d love to try some new ones out! You can leave us a comment below!

– Rachel & Lauren

8 thoughts on “5 Years of MUA! | Haul

  1. This palette looks beautiful! I didn’t know they were doing 5th birthday products! The MUA counter near me doesn’t seem to stock these nail polishes either! I’ll definitely be heading to their website!

    Disastersofatwentysomething.com 🙂


  2. Gosh I can’t believe MUA have been going for 5 years now, time flies! I love the look of everything you got here, especially the lip colours. The nail polishes remind me so much of Essie and I love how pigmented the shadows are for such a low price. xxx


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