Reliving My Childhood | Adult Colouring Book

Colouring books were a huge part of my childhood and when I saw that there were such things as ‘adult’ colouring books, I knew it was something I had to get! I’ve seen so many people go on about these on social media, including Youtubers and Bloggers, so the other day I took a spontaneous shopping trip purely just to get my hands on one!

I’ve seen a few different ones mentioned that are made by different artists, but the only one I could find was ‘Animal Kingdom’ by the talented Millie Marotta. But that wasn’t a problem since I only needed to flick through it once to know it would be so worth the money, and I was right!

The book is full of detailed drawings and patterns of animals and being an animal lover like myself, I find it so relaxing to add a splash of colour to them! On some pages there’s even an option to add your own details!

This was the first page I decided to start colouring. Look how beautiful the details are! This one did take me a while though. It’s very time consuming but it’s an amazing way to chill while you’re taking a break from coursework/revision, if you’re stressed or anxious or even if you’re just a bit bored in general!

What I truly love about this ‘adult colouring book’ idea is that it allows me to be lazy and just add colour to somebody else’s art, rather than create my own! If you don’t think you’re very good at drawing but love colouring things, this book is really worth getting.

The book is ยฃ9.99 and is available at most book stores and supermarkets, although I managed to get mine for just ยฃ5.99 at Tesco! So sharpen your pencils (no really, the details are so intricate that you’ll need to!) and get colouring! I’ll definitely be aiming to complete this one and get a few others at some point!


10 thoughts on “Reliving My Childhood | Adult Colouring Book

  1. Wow i need to get this one! I buy most of mine off amazon, I used pencils first then now I use felt tips and coloured pens.
    Once I’ve finished I display them on my bedroom wall ๐Ÿ˜Š


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