The Battle of the Black Eye-shadows!

So I’ve (Rachel) been searching for a highly pigmented, matte black eye-shadow for so long now! Us two are big fans of trying out cheaper make-up products and I definitely didn’t want to break the bank for an eye-shadow. So one after the other I bought these in hope that I’d find the perfect one! So to compare them we both spent our day testing these out and giving them a rating out of 5 for their pigmentation, texture and packaging.

Collection Work the Colour Solo Eye Shadow, Black Velvet- £2.19

This is the first one I bought and I’m a huge fan of Collection so I thought why not give it a go? The first thing I noticed with this is it’s hard to get it on to the brush, I found myself having to push it down really hard. The packaging is so compact, but it’s hard to open which often results in pushing your finger into the product, nobody wants a finger print in their brand new eye shadow do they?! When applying the product to the eye we found that it didn’t give an even coverage easily and it was more sticky than the usual powdery texture. We also noticed that when comparing this to other eye shadows, it was more of a dark grey shade than black.

Pigmentation- 2/5

Texture- 2.5/5

Packaging- 2.5/5

Make Up Academy Single Matte Eyeshadow, Smoke- £1

The first thing that drove me towards trying out this product was the price. At just £1 it’s very pigmented; one of the darkest eye shadows we tested out, although it does feel quite grainy as you can hopefully see in the picture below. The end result was that you are left with a ‘dotty’ texture on the eyelid which doesn’t create much of a professional look. However, for such a cheap product it’s pretty good and we guess it does the job! Although it is not as compact as the collection eye shadow, it does have a more professional looking package and is much easier to open. For £1 we recommend that you give this a go, you never know, you may really like it!

Pigmentation- 4/5

Texture- 2/5

Packaging- 3/5

Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette, Nude Grey (Eclipse) – £3.99

We’ve tried out Collection eye palettes before and thought they were pretty good, and this one we especially wanted to try since it had a black in it! It has a really soft texture and doesn’t feel grainy at all! However, the pigmentation isn’t amazing and it does have a sort of brown tinge once blended on the eyelid. Nevertheless, the packaging makes up for this as it’s so compact considering it holds 6 eye shadows! It’ll easily fit into a bag if you are off out and need to take it with you too! It looks simple but professional, although the cardboard packaging does begin to tear away quite easily.

Pigmentation- 3.5/5

Texture- 4/5

Packaging- 4/5

Kiko, 180 Mat Coal Black- £2.90

For us this one was the winner. The texture is so soft and it glides and blends so easily onto the eyelid. It’s pigmentation is quite good although it isn’t as black as the MUA one, but it isn’t grainy at all! You will need to use a fair amount to get an even coverage and a bold look.The packaging is probably the best out of all the ones we tried as it is compact and feels sturdy and not cheap! The push button makes it feel like a high end brand and just makes it a whole lot easier to open in general!

Pigmentation- 4/5

Texture- 4/5

Packaging- 4.5/5

From L to R: Collection, MUA, Eyes Uncovered, Kiko

Kiko swatch

We think these products prove that you don’t always need to buy high end make-up to achieve a good look. Although each of these products have some bad points we would recommend each of them for anyone who is starting out with using dark eye shadow. Or if you’re like us and love to try out inexpensive make-up products, it’s worth spending a couple of pounds to see which one you like best!

-Rachel & Lauren

4 thoughts on “The Battle of the Black Eye-shadows!

  1. That Kiko eyeshadow shadow looks amazing! It is such a satisfying feeling when you spend such a small amount of money on a product that turns out to be amazing. Great post! Looking forward to read more of your content. ❤


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