Mini Lush Haul| April 2015

So everyone loves a good Lush product. You mainly see people raving about their bath bombs but as we are shower people we thought we’d give these products a go. Sometimes when you go to Lush and see their prices you can be a bit put off but we can assure you that the following products are more than worth the money! So have a read and see what we thought!


Whoosh, Shower Jelly, £3.50 (100g):

I chose ‘Whoosh’ because I loved it’s refreshing smell! It has lemon juice in it and you can really notice that. To me it smells a bit like sherbet, or maybe lemon cough sweets, which isn’t a bad thing to me! I get sick of really sweet smelling products so trying this was different and I’m definitely a fan of its scent! I also loved the bright blue colour, stupid I know, but that’s really important to me about a product, it’s got to catch my eye. When I used this for the first time, I did find it a bit difficult because it’s so slippery and I can’t lie, I dropped it a few times! However, the product itself is so nice to use and I love the texture. I prefer using this to a normal shower gel but I’m not sure what would last longer! After the second use I did find bits breaking off which is annoying but to be expected! So overall I loved it, although it may not appeal to everyone. I’ll definitely be buying it again since it’s so cheap for a 100g pot for just £3.50!

New, Shampoo Bar, £5.75:

I read about this ages ago and have since been thinking about buying it. I’m so glad I finally have! It’s quite costly at £5.75 for a 55g bar, but if i see any big results after a few uses, I’ll definitely think it’s worth it! It contains cinnamon which is meant to be good for stimulating the scalp and promoting hair growth, so I’m praying this works for me! You can definitely smell this in the bar and the scent didn’t really drive me towards the product. It’s not a bad smell and I do quite like it, but it’s not really something I would normally pick out! This is the first shampoo bar I’ve used and I wasn’t quite sure how it would work but it actually lathers up really easily and feels so nice on your scalp! It works quickly too which means you don’t have to use a lot, hopefully this means it will last a while! I’m loving this product and I think next time I’m in Lush I’ll probably buy a case to keep it in and maybe a different shampoo bar to try out!

Lauren –

Sweetie Pie, Shower Jelly, £3.50 (100g):

Sweetie Pie is a sweet smelling, sparkly shower jelly. The packaging states that it has the scent of cherries and coconut, I would say you can definitely smell the cherries in the product but it smells more like bubblegum than anything, which is lovely! As it is a shower jelly, yes it is more difficult to use than a shower gel due to the fact it slips everywhere (as Rachel said). But don’t let that put you off! It leaves your skin feeling smooth and you smell great. I have used my shower jelly twice and again as Rachel said some tiny pieces have broken off. However, when you take into account how quickly you use a bottle of shower gel I can guess that the jelly will last a lot longer and will smell a 1,000 times better too! Overall I give this product a big thumbs up and will definitely be purchasing it again when my pot runs out! I may even consider buying the bigger pot in future.

Jason And The Argan Oil, Shampoo Bar, £5.75:

For months I have been wanting to try out shampoo bars as I wanted to see what all the fuss is about. From looking at the Jason and the Argan oil bar it doesn’t look too fancy but it smells AMAZING. It has an strong but not overpowering smell of rose and as well as this it lathers really well on your hair. As weird as it sounds it’s like a bar of soap for your hair! When washing the product out of my hair it left my water pink which is irrelevant but lets face it who doesn’t want pretty shower water? I’m interested to see if after a few uses it does make my hair stronger, softer and shinier like Lush claim. I can say that after I first used it my hair did feel a lot softer so seeing results already is pretty cool but I shall keep you all posted after I have used it a few more times! After using this shampoo bar and seeing how great they are I’m seriously considering buying another so that I can change it up and use different bars on different days.

New Charity Pot, £1 (10g trial size):

This product is not normally something we would buy however, when we got to the till we were offered a trial size of the New Charity Pot for just £1! For that you can’t really say no and the money goes to charity which is even better. After trying this product it has made us want to buy it in a bigger pot as it comes in two other sizes: 95g for £6.95 and 240g for £12.95. When using this product it doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky like some lotions do, instead it makes your skin feel super soft and smelling amazing. It has a subtle smell of vanilla and shea butter but also when it is on the skin smells a little bit like sherbet. We may have to pop to our nearest Lush store ASAP to get a bigger pot of this amazing stuff!

Overall we have nothing bad to say about the products that we bought and can definitely say that we will be buying these products again! We are hoping to try some different shampoo bars, shower gels and face masks at some point in the near future. Do you have any favourite Lush products? If so let us know we’re @tftbblog on Twitter and theflowerthatblooms on Instagram, we’d love to hear from you!

– Lauren and Rachel x

7 thoughts on “Mini Lush Haul| April 2015

  1. Great post! Did you know that if you take the little green who made it sticker off, it has a little message?! Look forward to hearing if the shampoo bar is good, might have to buy it! 🙂 xx


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