Hello Spring…

So the weather is getting so nice where we are now and one thing I love is being able to go out when it’s warm and explore! I’m one of these people who just loves to go out absolutely anywhere and just take my camera with me. You can get some really good shots when it’s sunnier and the blossom is out! (One of my favourite things to take a photo of!) So the other day I dragged my boyfriend out with me to go on a long walk!

To me the best thing about going for walks in spring and just spring as a whole is this stuff! We have a giant pink blossom tree outside our house so as soon as it blooms it feels like spring is here! It’s so pretty and it makes a good photo, I could spend all day photographing flowers which is probably why I love this season so much! You get so many pretty flowers blooming.

Daffodils are another thing that makes it feel more like spring. Our mum always has these in the house around this time of the year and they’re just so simple and pretty! Winter is a pretty dull season since there aren’t any flowers and the trees are bare, so it’s nice for the sun to actually be shining for once and finally have flowers around to brighten the place up a bit!

 All I can say is new-ish docs are a bad choice of footwear when you’re on your feet all afternoon and maybe I’ll learn my lesson now…In my defence I thought I’d worn them in properly, I’m paying for it now though!

So who else loves Spring? It’s probably my favourite season because it’s warm but not too hot and it’s finally not cold and raining (touch wood!) It’s nice to be able to just walk around without getting your hair blown in your face!

This post was pretty short but our main post will be up soon and will be about our new Lush products, so keep listening out for that on twitter (@tftbblog) and Instagram (@theflowerthatblooms)!

– Rachel

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