So before we know it exam season will be upon us (it’s a scary thought we know)! Whether you are studying at School, College or University the next few months are likely to be full of exams and coursework which in turn come with stress. Here are our ways of de-stressing when we get a minute or two to take a break…

1) Find your cosy place

Finding somewhere where you are able to feel comfortable and lose your negative thoughts is important. It allows you to get away from all of the factors that cause you stress and enables you to relax. Whether your cosy place is with family, friends, your pet or even on your own it doesn’t matter as long as you feel comfortable. For us our bedrooms are our cosy place and getting some fairy lights, blankets and pillows can help make us feel comfortable and calm, as well as bringing our dog with us! Once you’ve found this place you will able to use our following tips! 

2) Films

If you’ve had a long day of studying it may be time to watch one of your favourite films. For us a Disney film is the best choice as they are so light hearted, easy to follow and don’t require a lot of thinking! So snuggle up and watch something you enjoy to take your mind off of whatever revision or coursework you have to do.

3) Run a warm bath

Grab a book, your phone or an item of your choice and run a warm bath. Perhaps light some candles and use your favourite bath bomb or bubble bath as this will allow you to take some time away and soothe your mind. Sometimes we prefer to have a shower as they are quick, so if you’re like us this could work for you too!

4) Go for a walk 

Going for a walk can be one of the best ways to relax. If you have a dog, then brilliant, that’s even more of an excuse to get out the house and explore for a little while! At this time of year it’s even better as it’s peaceful, the weather is lovely and there are loads of flowers and wildlife to be seen.

5) Exercise

Whether it’s a trip to the gym, a home work out or a run around the park, exercise is a great way to take your mind off of your work as well as keeping yourself fit. If the stress gets so bad that you feel angry, taking part in combat classes or buying a punch bag may be a good idea to release your anger!

6) Food

Going out for meals with friends or family members can be a good way to reward yourself for doing a few hours of study! Either that or snack throughout your revision or coursework. Whether it’s an apple or a chocolate bar, eating food you enjoy is likely to boost your mood as well as your energy!

7) Music 

Listening to music, before, during and after studying is always good. If you have a favourite band or artist who help you to concentrate then go for it! However, this won’t suite everyone as a lot of people will become distracted and want to sing a long, so why not see what’s best for you!

8) Keep a record of your thoughts 

For some people stress takes over their life. In some cases I (Lauren) have found that writing my thoughts and feelings down has taken a weight off my shoulders. If you’re stressed and need to vent, scribbling it in a note book may help or tell a close family member/friend how you’re a feeling. You don’t want to let negative thoughts get the better of you. If stress is keeping you up at night, try noting down all of your worries in a notepad and leaving them till the morning!

9) Sleep 

Aim to get your 8 hours of sleep every night. Sometimes it can be hard to switch off at night but if you do something which calms you before you head off to bed that could help. Don’t work up until you decide to sleep as a) the quality of your work won’t be as good b) you won’t remember as much and c) it’ll keep you up all night!

10) Treat yourself 

Set yourself a goal and if you reach it treat yourself to something. For example, if you complete 300 words of an essay or revise one topic, then treat yourself to a break, some food or even go for a shopping trip. Buying yourself something nice will make you feel like you have worked hard and therefore deserved a treat. This will make you more motivated to achieve your goal and eliminate feelings of doubt.

These are just a few of the things we find that help us to feel less stressed when it comes to work. Both of us are still dealing with the pressure of it! Lauren is currently studying at University and has her exams and a few coursework deadlines coming up. Whilst Rachel has got coursework for her College studies. So we both know what you are all going through! We will be using some of these tips over the next few months for sure and before you know it it’ll be Summer and it will all be over! Good luck!

– Lauren & Rachel



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