Young Guns Gig

So as you may have seen in a previous post and on Instagram, we went to see Young Guns last Sunday with our cousin and Rachel’s boyfriend. We got our tickets in February when the Tour was announced and it was amazing to finally see the band live!


Excited before the gig!-(As you can tell Lauren decided on changing her outfit!)

When we arrived at the venue we waited outside for a while in a queue as the venue is quite small and the gig was standing only. We could hear sound checks going on and it got us so hyped up for the gig! When we got inside it seemed like the stage was right in front of us which meant we were able to get pretty close! For us this was a slightly surreal feeling as we tend to go to gigs at places such as the O2 or Wembley Arena which are huge!


First up was the support act, Blitz Kids. Now we had heard of these guys before the gig but we weren’t really too fussed when we saw they were announced as support for the tour. However, seeing them actually changed our minds! Their songs were pretty catchy and they knew how to get the crowd hyped up for the main act. They’re also down to earth, funny guys!


 After Blitz Kids left the stage we had to wait a little bit before YG came on. The suspense was killing us but they were definitely worth the wait! One thing about this band is that you can tell they genuinely love what they do. Gustav (lead singer) entered the stage with a huge smile on his face and and the rest of the band followed suite. Throughout the show they were all jumping around and really getting into the music. Gus told us all how they’ve missed playing in the UK and you could tell! The first song they played was ‘I Want Out’, the first single from their new upcoming album ‘Ones and Zeros’. This got the whole crowd going, everyone in the room was jumping and singing!


They played a lot of songs from their first album, ‘All Our Kings Are Dead’, as well as some from their second, ‘Bones’. They also played their three new singles as well as a new song ‘Daylight’. We can’t wait to hear the rest of the album now! (Hurry up June!) Overall, the entire gig was the best we’ve ever been to and they sound even better in real life! They really get into it and it was cool to see them jumping around and enjoying themselves as much as we were!

After gigs the members of YG tend to come out and meet their fans. But we saw on Twitter that Gus had said he wouldn’t be coming out due to a bad throat. So after Rachel going back in the venue to get a T-Shirt and then coming out again we walked down to see Simon (Bassist) out the side entrance. It was surreal to finally get to meet a member of my (Rachel) favourite band and we both think he honestly seems like one of the loveliest guys we’ve ever met as he took photos with us, spoke to us and even gave us a hug. It didn’t feel like we were bothering him as he genuinely seemed interested in talking to people who admire their music.


Safe to say we went home with ‘post gig sadness’ and we’re still suffering now! A few days after the show Rachel was suffering with a sore throat from singing so much as well as a bad leg and arm from jumping around too much, but it was worth it! We can say we’ll definitely be seeing them again at some point! Their music is amazing and again it was so cool to meet a member of the band!

This post was different for us to write so if you’re into music posts then thanks for reading and we hope we can write more posts like this in the future.

-Rachel & Lauren

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