Easter Nest Cakes!

So it’s nearly Easter and what better way is there to celebrate than making simple nest cakes! These cakes remind us of our childhood we’d always spend time in the kitchen making these, I’m guessing that’s where our love of baking started! Now we’re pretty sure everyone knows how to make these but if you don’t then here’s how we made them!

We started by melting the chocolate in a bowl over a saucepan filled with boiling water. The good thing about nest cakes is you don’t need to buy expensive chocolate to melt, we bought bars of chocolate for just 30p, bargain! Once the chocolate is melted, chuck some corn flakes in and stir them into the chocolate. Divide the mixture into some cake cases and add some chocolate eggs to decorate. Stick them in the fridge to chill and you’re done, easy!

These are perfect to make if you have anyone over for Easter as they’re so quick and easy to make. They’re also cheap as you use just three ingredients and obviously they don’t need to be baked or anything!

Now if you’re a fan of baking and fancy making something a little harder, try baking cupcakes and adding the nests on top for decoration! I (Rachel) made these with my boyfriend and I think they turned out pretty cute!

So this is just a simple post with a fun theme for Easter, we hope you get loads of chocolate eggs and stuff your faces! Make sure you check back tomorrow for our last post from our 3 post challenge!

– Lauren and Rachel x

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