Spring 2015| Top 5 Nail Polishes

As Easter is literally a few days a way, we thought we’d give ourselves the challenge of doing 3 posts to celebrate the Easter weekend. This is the first post out of the three, our top 5 nail polishes for spring! Before starting can we just say that we spent hours painting and decorating polystyrene eggs for this post and even got our Mum involved, we’ve gone to pastel heaven! As we couldn’t agree on 5 between us, we went for our 5 favourite spring nail polishes each and spoke about our most favourite two! We’re pretty sure you can still buy these in the shops, so if you like any of the following head out quick in time for Sunday!

Rachel’s Top 5 

From left to right-

Barry M – Mint Green (304) £2.99 / Collection – Lilac Daze (22) £1.99 / Barry M – Blueberry (306) £2.99 / Models Own – Magpie (204) £4.99 / Rimmel London Rita Ora – Bestival Blue (860) £2.99

Barry M- Mint Green

I don’t usually like green nail polishes but I love this one, as it’s such a soft colour and it doesn’t stain my nails like every other green I’ve used! It’s a perfect spring colour and who doesn’t love a pastel nail polish?! I mostly own Barry M nail polishes but I have a lot of dark colours so it’s nice to actually wear one that is actually a happier colour!

Collection- Lilac Daze

Purple is one of my favourite colours so for just £1.99 it’s definitely worth trying out! Obviously since it’s so cheap it does go on quite thin but with a few coats, the colour is so bright and makes me actually feel girly! Again, this one’s a great colour to wear for spring and I’m still not over the obsession with pastel colours!

Lauren’s Top 5 

From left to right-

Rimmel London Rita Ora – Oragina (413) £2.99 / Barry M – Prickly Pear (306) £3.99 / Collection – Peony (2) £1.99 / Barry M – Mist (402) £3.99 / Barry M – Meadow (403) £3.99

Barry M – Prickly Pear

This colour is a favourite of mine from their Gelly collection! I love the fact that when it dries it looks like a Gel Manicure however, a minimum of two coats need to be applied as it is quite thin. Also I don’t know if I’m the only one but I find that the Gelly paints take quite a long time to dry so make sure your nails are completely dry before touching anything! Overall, it is one of my favourite polishes as the colour is such a lovely pastel with a great finish for spring!

Collection – Peony 

Out of my top 5 this is my favourite out of them all. For only £1.99 I don’t think you can go wrong really! It’s a beautiful colour and the polish glides on easily. I’m not a really big fan of barbie pink so this sort of colour is a favourite of mine as it’s girly but not in your face! I think I may have to buy the two other polishes in their new field day collection as they are all lovely spring colours.

So there you have it! Our top 5 nail polishes each for Spring. Most of these can be picked up from Boots or Superdrug in the UK or from the brands online stores! We hope you have a lovely Easter weekend, make sure you check back for our second post on Easter Sunday!

– Lauren and Rachel x

6 thoughts on “Spring 2015| Top 5 Nail Polishes

  1. Prickly Pear and Blueberry are definitely my favourites in this post, might have to make a purchase 😉 Loving the easter post, the little eggs are so cute! I would use them for inspiration but it’s easter tomorrow (well today actually, it’s 16 minutes into easter for me) so I might have left my easter posts a bit late ahaha x


    • Prickly Pear gives such a lovely finish as long as you’re prepared to wait for your nails to dry properly haha! I love it but Collection Peony is a winner for me, will be wearing it all through SS15! Never too late for an Easter post, or you can prep for next year haha! – Lauren x


      • The collection one is certainly better for the money! I’ve never stopped to look at the collection stand for too long, I normally just pick up their concealer or powder and don’t look at the rest but the nail varnishes will be on my list to look out for! I do love the pastel springy colours and this will be a cheaper way to build up my collection x



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