YOUNG GUNS| Gig outfits

So last month, my (Rachel) favourite band, Young Guns, announced a UK headline tour ahead of their new album, ‘Ones and Zeros’. We managed to get tickets for the gig on my birthday which made the day even better! It’s my first time seeing these guys and I’ve been a huge fan for ages now, so you can image how excited I am to see them!

We’ve been to quite a few gigs before and if you’ve ever been to any, you may understand the struggle of planning an outfit. We sure do! Now a lot of people would just chuck some clothes on before they go but we always have to plan ahead and it takes time to decide exactly what outfit to wear! For a gig you have to choose something that obviously looks good but is also comfortable to jump around in! So we narrowed down all of the possible choices we could wear and put them in this post. (We still haven’t actually chosen what one we’re going to wear but at least we’ve got an idea right?) So here they are and hopefully if you have our struggle this may help you when it comes to choosing that perfect gig outfit!

Rachel: Outfit 1-

I can’t go to a gig without a bit of band merch! So of course I chose one of my Young Guns t-shirts, which was a hard decision, and paired it with my leather jacket and black Topshop Jamie jeans. I’m also wearing my black 1460 Dr Martens, which I love with cropped jeans because I hate tucking jeans into boots, it just doesn’t work out for me! I quite like this outfit as the grey top breaks everything up from the black and I guess adds a little bit of colour (I don’t wear a lot of colour as it is!). And lastly I’m wearing my two Young Guns wrist bands. I got them a long time ago and I don’t like wearing them normally because they’re way too big for my wrists, but since they’re the band we’re seeing, it’s an excuse to wear them!

Rachel: Outfit 2-

For this one I took another one of my favourite Young Guns t-shirts and put on my DIY ripped jeans that we mentioned in a recent post! They’re pretty old which is why I decided to revamp them with the rips and I love them so much more now! They’ve also gone quite grey so with the rips I think they look pretty good for a rock concert! My shoes are my old skool Vans and if iI’m not wearing a pair of DMs I’ll be wearing these! Anyone would think I don’t own any other trainers but I just love these because they go with everything! My denim jacket is from the clothing brand Down But Not Out and was actually Lauren’s originally, but she decided it was too big for her so she bought a new one. We both love a denim jacket and I love the look of this one with the ripped jeans!

Lauren: Outfit 1-

I have only just realised how exhausted I look in these photos, the joys of Uni! On to the important stuff, my first outfit includes one of my fave tees! I bought this Vans tee around a year ago now, if you haven’t guessed it is a men’s tee but I bought it in small so it doesn’t swamp me completely. I love how soft the fabric is of this tee and as I’m going to a gig I don’t want anything too tight fitting! My jeans are my favourite pair I own, my Jamie Jeans! I love how they fit and how comfy they are. Finally I decided I’d pair this outfit with my Vans SK8-Hi’s in Navy I rarely wear these anymore but I love the fact that they support my ankles so when I’m jumping up and down I won’t hurt myself!

Lauren: Outfit 2 –

I think this is the outfit I’m swaying towards wearing now! My tee is from a clothing company called DBNO and is run by the lead singer of one of my favourite bands (You Me At Six)! Unfortunately I believe they are closing down so there is a huge sale over at their website, if you’re into this sort of style tee you should check them out pronto! Again, I’ve paired them with another pair of Jamie Jeans however, I can never remember what colour they are! I won’t wear any other jeans anymore as I like how these are high waisted but still feel like real denim. Finally, my favourite pair of Vans that I own! I got bought these for Christmas and have been in love with them ever since! I love the style of Old Skool Vans and the floral print makes them even more amazing!

So there we have our choices for Sunday and hopefully we can decide what one to actually go to the gig in! There will probably be a lot of Instagram posts about it and maybe even a blog post so keep an eye out for that!


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