Top 5 Beauty Essentials| March 2015

Everyone has those items in their make-up bags that they use non-stop! Whether it’s a lip scrub or a mascara most girls are bound to have one item they cannot live without. So just for you, we have decided to try and whittle down our current beauty favourites. We have managed to choose 5 products each so if you are looking for a new product to use you are more than welcome to have a read!



Throughout winter this was my go to product! I would apply it every morning before applying lipstick or tinted lip balm as it made my lips feel so smooth and removed any dry skin. I know we have already reviewed this product before but I cannot recommend it enough. Even now the weather is getting warmer I’m still using the scrub daily because lets face it, who doesn’t love having super soft lips?!


I must own over 20 different lip balms but this one really stands out for me. First of all, it smells amazing and even better tastes amazing!  It is so easy to apply as it’s like a normal lip balm but it leaves your lips tinted an amazing pink colour. I also own two different shades of the ‘Baby Lips’ tinted balms from Maybelline and can honestly say I’d choose ‘Cor Balmy’ any day. I use lip balms all the time and as I love this product so much I’m considering buying another one in a different colour ASAP! They sell these tinted balms in 4 other shades and they are only priced at £3.49 in Boots, Superdrug and on Barry M’s website! If you’re looking for a tinted balm I suggest you go on the hunt for one of these.


I’ve seen quite a few people go on about how good the Baby Skin products are so when we were in Boots recently I decided to have a look. First of all the price did kind of put me off, priced at £7.99 for a 22ml tube and I don’t tend to wear a lot of make-up I thought “Is it really worth the money?”. However, 2 days after I ended up in Tesco and they had £2 off the majority of their Maybelline products, so I ended up giving in and buying it int the end. I use this product under my eyes to cover the dark circles I keep getting after staying up till stupid o’clock working! Safe to say it actually does its job and it smells lovely too! The fatigue blur is also really easy to apply (I just use my fingers) and it blends into the skin really well.


The only time I have used a liquid concealer was when I was younger and shamefully put it on my lips! Please tell me I’m not the only one that thought it was cool when you were 13?! Anyway, ever since then I have used a concealer stick and I find that no matter what brand I use, it never covers my spots it just makes them worse. Rachel told me she’d seen loads of bloggers going on about how great this Collection concealer was and as a fan of Collection products I thought I’d give it a try. Like all of Collections products this concealer is reasonably priced at just £4.19 it covers spots really well without making it look like you have orange dots on your face! I would say it is important that you use the testers provided first to get the right colour as I’m pale I went for shade 1 in Fair. Oh and one last thing, this concealer stays on your skin for ages! I wouldn’t know if it lasts the 16 hours like they claim however, it stays on even when I’m sweaty from exercising.


Unfortunately I haven’t found a decent mascara in ages, until now! I bought this when it was on special at my local Boots store and can say that it is the best mascara I have bought in over a year. I have quite long lashes naturally but this mascara makes them look even longer as it separates each lash. I love that the colour is a bold black so it stands out and due to this I only needed a few coats to get what I was looking for! As Rachel said in a recent post the brush does take some getting used to. Now that I have been using this mascara for nearly a month I can say that it makes my lashes stand out more without looking like spiders legs!



This is definitely one of my favourite nail polishes I own as it’s different to the usual dark or regular colours I wear! It’s a metallic sort of polish and the shiny green/blue colours are so pretty and kind of remind me of a mermaid’s tail! For me I find that it goes on thicker than most Barry M polishes and also applies pretty evenly. I’m so fascinated by how it looks in different light and how sparkly it is! Everyone should own at least one nail polish from Barry M’s Aquarium collection!


I recently mentioned this in my February favourites post and I had to write about it here, as it’s now something I use everyday! I don’t always use foundation and instead apply concealer just to even out the colours of my face. Some people do this with their fingers but I find it leaves horrible uneven lines, so this is what I mainly use the brush for. It really works to evenly blend the concealer in and I don’t think I’ll ever use a different brush! I’ve already mentioned how soft it is too! If you’re willing to spend around £10 on a makeup brush then I’d definitely recommend this one, I’d love to try out other brushes by Real Techniques at some point too!


As you can tell this lipstick is pretty worn down now as it’s my go to lipstick! It’s Collection so it’s super cheap at £2.99 I believe, and not only is it affordable but it’s good quality! This is from the Gothic Glam collection and I quite like the grunge sort of look, so for me a dark lipstick is the way to go. I’m also a sucker for a red lipstick but I don’t think crimson red colours suit my pale skin tone. This colour is more rosey so I feel like it suits me a little bit more! I also have it in the purple shade, ‘scorned’ and I love them both as the colour is really vibrant and they have a smooth finish. They last a few hours but do need to be re-applied if you’re planning on wearing them for long periods of time!


I’ve seen so many people rave about this product, so after trying the tester on my hand on a recent shopping trip, and feeling how soft it made it feel I definitely had to try it out for myself! I’ll admit, I’ve never actually used a primer before, so when I used this for the first time I was amazed by the results! Not only did my makeup appear to have stayed put for longer, but it left my face feeling so much softer, and my pores barely visible! I found that when applying makeup over the top, it goes on quite smoothly and you don’t get those horrible dots in your makeup from your pores. It has no smell and is literally just a primer that blurs your pores, but regardless it does a pretty good job!


So while I wouldn’t say it actually ‘strengthens’ my nails, I do stick by this as my essential nail base coat. I use it under nail polish as well as without just to make my nails look shiny and healthy. I used to have really long, healthy nails but they all started to snap off, leaving me with nails that just won’t get past that awkward not growing stage! Every time my nails get to a certain length I paint them and either peel the polish off once it starts chipping (bad habit!) or they get really brittle from nail polish remover! This leads to them peeling and they’re now recovering (again) from being really thin! In comes the Collection 2 in 1 strengthener and hardener that I apply to my nails and I really do think they make them feel a lot thicker and stronger. I don’t go without it now as my nails just feel horrible on their own! I would say it helps my nails grow, only because it makes them feel a little stronger so they’re less easy to break!

So there’s our 5 essentials we really can’t live without! If you’re looking for a new product to buy whether it be a new primer or a lipstick to try out, these products are so worth looking for! No doubt they’ll be in your top 5 soon too!

– Rachel & Lauren

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