My February Beauty Favourites 2015| Rachel

So February is over, this year is going far too quick! I decided to gather some of the best beauty products I bought last month and share my thoughts on them with you guys! February was the month of buying my first ever (I know, shocking!) Models Own polishes and a long awaited Real Techniques Brush!

1) Models Own Nail Polish

I bought these three Models Own nail polishes on my birthday shopping trip, as they were on a 5 for £20 deal and I just couldn’t resist them. Lauren and I split the money between us and were going to share one of the polishes, but the woman in the Bottleshop was nice enough to chuck in a free one, result! I got two of the new Chrome Collection varnishes, one in Indigo and another in Mauve. So far I’ve used the Indigo and I loved it! It was such a beautiful metallic colour and lasted for quite a while, not to forget that it dried so quickly! I also got the Magpie Green from the Speckled Eggs collection and I can’t wait to wear it, it reminds me of mint choc chip ice cream! The Models Own nail varnishes are so worth the money and I can’t believe I never owned one before now!

2) Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara

I was in need of a new mascara and since this one was new I thought I’d try it. When using it for the first time I noticed how black and thick it looked compared to other mascaras I’ve used. When I applied it, there was fewer clumps than what I normally get and after brushing them out with my finger, it made my eyelashes look fuller and less separated. The brush is plastic and has one side with shorter bristles for applying the mascara close to the top of your lashes and a more fanned out side to achieve a layered look afterwards. The brush seems quite strong compared to others I’ve used that have bent in half after a few uses (oops), so so far I’m pleased with that! For me though, it did take some getting used to as I had to work out how to use the brush properly!

3) Seventeen High Drama Intense Liquid Eyeliner

I bought this product simply because I had run out and this is my go- to eyeliner that I wear every day. I’ve tried other liquid eyeliners and I always go back to this. I’ve gone through quite a few of these and I just love it because it’s so affordable at only £3.99. It applies really smoothly and seems to last quite a few hours and even stays black the whole time! For beginners who like using eyeliner pens, the brush is easy to use as it has a sort of felt tip nib but comes in a pot which means it won’t dry out like a pen! If you’re looking for an affordable eyeliner then I’d definitely suggest this one!

4) Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

For many months now I’ve been wanting a Real Techniques brush. Every time I saw one in a shop I would just stare at it ‘umming and ahhing’ about whether to buy it or not. I saw it for £9.99 and since I’m not a regular user of foundation I finally realised that it may not be worth it for me to spend that much on a brush! But then I saw it in Asda for just £6.40 and I didn’t even think twice! The first thing I noticed about this brush was that it is SO soft! It’s so good for applying foundation and leaves no marks, just a nice, smooth finish. I also use it for applying liquid concealer as I hate using my fingers and it works just the same! Definitely worth it!

5) Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Lips: Vega

I love buying new lip products and I bought this without hesitation! Red lipsticks are my weakness and I pretty much only wear dark colours on my lips. I got this in Vega as it’s a dark kind of berry colour but it’s not too harsh (as I’m so pale!). It’s a lip crayon it’s so much easier to apply compared to a lipstick, which I’m terrible at applying! The colour is quite bright and I like the shine it has to it, the only problem I found was that it’s quite sticky when I was wearing it, so I’m not sure I could wear this for a long time!

6) Hask Argan Oil Repairing Conditioner

So I’m suffering with damaged hair and am desperately trying to grow it without cutting it all off, not going to happen, but I can dream right! I’ve tried so much stuff and nothing seems to be making a difference! I’ve heard a lot of good things about argan oil and how good it is for damaged hair and I’ve been thinking about getting some products. However, all the top products I’ve seen have been quite expensive and I eventually gave up with the idea of it, until I found this in Primark for just £4.50! I could’t believe how cheap it was compared to other argan oil products I’d seen! There was also a few other things to choose from such as a repairing shampoo and oil treatments. I chose a conditioner as I thought I could leave it on for a few minutes and let it soak into my hair. I’ve used it a few times now and I leave it on for about five minutes and wash it out, it leaves my hair feeling amazingly soft! The smell is also quite strong but since it smells like oranges I’m not really a fan! So far I’m liking it but can I say it’s ‘repairing’ my hair? Not yet…

So that’s all of my favourite products from February 2015, no doubt I’ll buy loads more this month! If the argan oil works then I may give you an update post on all of my hair products, so watch out for that!


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