Does anyone feel like the winter months make you really miserable? Well we do! The way we tend to beat this is by buying a tonne of stuff to make ourselves feel better. Probably not the best thing to do BUT when you see the gems we managed to find this month you’ll agree! Below are some of our favourite pieces that we have bought so far in February so feel free to take a look:



Anybody who knows me, knows how much I LOVE Disney! So when I found this beautiful cropped tee I knew I just had to buy it! I do get a little bit nervy when wearing character tees as I feel like a child again. However, the fact that this tee is cropped makes it perfect, I also feel that the design is more grown up too! Priced at an amazing £12 I really couldn’t resist.


Basic tees are my favourite! When out on a shopping trip for Rachel’s birthday I walked into UO and as soon as I saw these I fell in love. Tees like this are so easy to style, you can chuck it on with some jeans and a pair of converse, team it with a pini or stuff it into a skirt. You also get a 10% discount at UO so that was a bonus for me. I’m gutted I didn’t pick up another colour and as I don’t have a UO close to me I think I shall be ordering some from their website!


I’m a huge fan of stripes at the moment and my wardrobe was missing a tee like this. I’m not that much of a tight crop top fan because I don’t like too much of my stomach showing so I will probably be pairing this with high waisted skirts in summer. New Look basics are really well priced and are good quality, this crop is quite thick compared to others I have seen.


I have wanted a co-ord for so long now and believe it or not I picked this by accident. I purchased the leggings a few months ago to pair with a baggy black jumper I bought. I saw the crop in store this month tried it on with my high waisted jeans and fell in love, to my surprise when I got home I had a matching set! I’m not 100% on how I feel about wearing them together at the moment, it’s probably not something I would wear to Uni. That being said, I could see myself wearing it around the house as it’s so comfy or perhaps if I were to go to a party I could dress it up. So yeah I haven’t decided if I’ll wear both items together but on their own I LOVE them.


Everyone loves a good Primark find and if anybody says that don’t then don’t believe them! You can find some gems in primark for really good prices I’ve bought quite a few bits from there recently. Once again, this is where the Disney obsession becomes obvious again. Finding Nemo is one of my favourite Pixar films to when I found these cute short pjs for only £8 they went straight in the basket. I did get a size bigger in these ( I got 10-12) as I like to sleep in tees that are baggy. I also thought that buying a size bigger would mean the shorts would be longer, I guessed wrong instead they are just loose but hey ho they’re super cute anyway.


I spent weeks thinking whether or not to buy this jumper, constantly picking it up and putting it back. I finally ended up buying it earlier this month. At £38 it is rather pricey I think I had a moment of madness, I would never spend that much on a jumper. However, I like the way it fits and the fact that it isn’t too long compared to most jumpers I find in the shop. At 5ft 2 I find that most jumpers swap me so the cut of this is perfect if you’re small too! I’m also a fan of the colour and how the sleeves are cropped! Just make sure you are careful about what bracelets you wear as I have a Pandora charm that keeps picking at the threads!


Anybody who knows me knows I’m a massive fan of both Marvel comics and movies, so when I saw this tee for £12 I couldn’t resist buying it! I rolled up the sleeves and put a few stitches in because I prefer my sleeves like this and I think it looks so nice for a causal outfit! The material is also quite thin so it’s quite different to what I’d normally wear. I just love graphic tees and this one is one of my new favourites!


I needed some more basic tops so when I saw this I had to get it! I love the length of the sleeves and I think the cropped style really suits the traditional baseball tee. The material is also really soft and I just love how it’s so simple but looks so good with some jeans and trainers. It is pretty cropped though and since I’m not a massive fan of showing off my stomach I like to wear more higher waisted jeans.


Yet again another item of clothing from Forever 21, can you tell it’s my favourite shop yet? These trousers are something different and I’ve recently loved getting new bottoms that aren’t jeans! I love the colour and the zips on the legs really caught my eye as it adds something more to just a plain pair of trousers. They also do up with a zip at the back, which takes some getting used to but it means you can wear them high waisted with a crop top without seeing a massive zip or button on the front! They’re so comfy and look smart and casual at the same time!


I love a geeky t-shirt and since this one is cropped I feel like it looks a lot more girly! It looks good with a pair of black jeans and in the summer I’ll probably even pair it with a skirt. It was only £12 too which I think is an amazing price for a graphic tee! It’s quite a simple design and it’s not too colourful which is probably why I like it so much. It’s definitely one of my favourite things I’ve bought this month!


I love these leggings because they’re something different to what I normally wear. They do up with a button and are quite thick so they’re more like trousers to me. They go well with a simple black top and I think they look smart but comfy too! I haven’t figured out what shoes go with them yet though, it’s tricky because of the pattern but I think maybe a black pair of DM boots or shoes will go great! I’m not sure if they’re something I’ll wear to college though, as they’re quite tight fitting and I actually think they look too formal too!


These leggings are so, so comfy and I love the blue and green tartan. They look so good rolled up with my Old Skool Vans and a black tee or jumper! They’re also quite cheap for Topshop at £22 and I also got them slightly cheaper (thanks student discount!) so that was a result! I’ve already worn these to college a couple of times because they really are so comfortable! They’re quite thick too unlike most leggings so I kind of feel less exposed? Weird I know! But they’re just casual and I don’t regret buying them at all!


I love the jewellery in Urban Outiftters as they sell so many necklaces and rings with gemstones and crystals! I picked up a blue triangle cord necklace, which is so simple and cute and I love the length of it as I don’t own many long necklaces. I can’t leave the house without wearing a few necklaces or chokers so I definitely needed this one for my collection! I also got a turquoise ring which looks so pretty, especially when I wore turquoise nail varnish! I just want to go back and buy even more jewellery!

So that’s our favourite buys for this month! This is a pretty long post but hopefully it might help you if you’re looking for something new to buy, as these are most likely still in shops!

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