No Bake Nutella Cheesecake

Who loves Nutella? WE DO! So when our Mum recently found this recipe online we knew we HAD to make it. All credit goes to The One Pot Chef – you can find the video on this for YouTube here. It shows an easy guide on how to make this delicious cheese cake which doesn’t even need to be baked!

This recipe is SO easy! Making the cheesecake itself didn’t take long at all, however, it needed around 4 hours minimum for it to set. So basically, if you’re planning on making this for a dinner party or when you have family over, make sure you leave plenty of time for it to set! Although the main ingredient is good old Nutella, once it had set the cheesecake just tasted chocolately. Therefore, if you’re looking for a serious Nutella kick we’d recommend putting in more Nutella than the amount The One Pot Chef suggests!

Overall this recipe is really fun and easy to make and the little amount of ingredients are student friendly with fairly low prices. The desert is perfect for both lovers of Nutella (Lauren) and those like me (Rachel) who can’t handle too much, as it only has a subtle hint of hazelnut depending on how much Nutella you decide to use. So if you want to make an easy desert with a low budget this is definitely one to try!

-Rachel & Lauren

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